Shakti 25th November 2016 Written Episode 135 Update

Shakti 25th November 2016 Written Episode 135 Update, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Harman says to Preeto that if you don’t want to live with Soumya that I will go from here with Soumya because I married to her and gave 7 vows to her. So that’s why I am going from here to fulfil my responsibilities and duties regarding Soumya. Preeto gets shocked and says to Harman that you may go from here and I will make my heart understand that I don’t have any son.

Soumya and Harman are going from there. Preeto stops him and says that, I have so many things for you. Soumya gets so happy and Harman is going inside. Preeto shows everything to him just like his childhood toys, clothes, book, and everything. She is crying a lot also. Harman is looking at her and thinks that why is she doing all this.

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She says to Harman that you will take all these things with you because what will I do to keep all these things along with me. So you have to take these things with you. Harman says that ok Preeto I am taking all these things with me but if life gives me another chance then I will give you all these things back to you. Preeto gets cry a lot.

Shakti 25th November 2016 Written Episode 135 Update:

Harman is coming outside and takes Soumya’s hand for going to leave this house. But Soumya stops him and says that you won’t leave this house. Soumya is going inside and then folded her hands in front of Preeto, Harak Singh, and all other people and says them to give her a small place in this big house. She will do all work and live like a maid in this home.

After some time, Harak Singh says to Harman that I am so rich and provides food to all people of Gurdaspur. So I ma ready to accept one more maid for my son. Harman is getting angry but he is coming inside. Here Maninder is talking to Abhishek who was married to Surbhi but that time, Surbhi was running away from the marriage to save Soumya.

He asks him again to marry Surbhi. He gets ready again to marry her. Maninder gets so happy to hear this. He says to him to come now and meets Surbhi now. He says that I am so busy now. As you know, banks are getting busy. So that I am going there. Here Preeto, Raavi, and Harak Singh are making an evil plan against Soumya.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam in todays episode sowmya cries and stop Harman that please you don’t go out of your house and she says if a child sperated from is mother what pain will be I know very well so please you be with your mother .that screen was very nice and sowmya go to preeto and join is hands and say please don send me out of your house I will be in one Conner and I will be a servant for your house and she cries so emotionally but no one have softconner on sowmya .preeto is not to fit to be a mother because of her only nimmi died but she is not having any guiltiness and harak sing know everything about preeto but he support preeto as a husband he should advice preeto what is good and bad and Harman’s total family is heartless selfish and Ravi is also a girl but she hurts another girl Ravi don’t no the pain of another girl no one support sowmya in harman s house every one hurts sowmya .preeto challenge that she will separate Harman and sowmya. and what ever drama preeto do Harman believe s her he have no doubt on preeto than when will harman be smart and find preetos truth

    Sanaya mam in yesterday comments box we fans and my team asked 10 questions we did not get reply for that message so please we fans request you to read that question s and give your answer because her near my home my friend s my family members all our waiting for your reply

    Sanaya mam when we see the serial it is like if a gay child in the house we should not love them and we should not accept them and we fans have a question still now the director showed the serial as how this society hate the gays and how this society treats them and now the director should show us how we can treat them how they can get married and lead their marriage life how we can give treatment for them how we can cure them this is very important to show on the serial because their are people like maninder preeto babe when they see your serial they should realise their fault that only true success for your serial and their are guys like harman good hearted person
    When Harman holds sowmya s hand come out RAM setha song was played .
    RAM will not for get setha and marry another girl.
    I am waiting for your reply
    Thank you
    Your loving friend revathi

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had your breakfast
    I know that you are very busy and even we are very busy than also we give our comments we have many work than also we spend some time for serial and send our opinions in the message so please try to read the message and spend some time to give reply for fans questions .and her my friend my family and other near by my house all our waiting for your reply because we asked 10 questions in the previous message so please read that and answer for that question .I request you to please read the message and give your reply.
    Your loving friend Revathi

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      Revathi actually I am busy to provide more and more new updates of all episodes so i am getting late to give reply of your comments. Thanks for your comments I think you are enjoying my written updates.

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