Shakti 25th October 2016 Written Episode 112 Update

Shakti 25th October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 112, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 25 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Harman aka Vivian Dsena says to Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik that you may come with me and then I will hide you outside the home. So you just chill nobody will see you. Harman comes to meet someone. He is going inside the home and asks for a house or room on the rent. Owner sees Soumya outside.

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Shakti 25th October 2016 Written Update Episode 112:

They all are coming inside the room. Here Surbhi is trying to talk to Harman but he is not picking her call. He thinks that if he will pick Surbhi’s call then he will send Soumya to her home. But he wants to spend some good moments with Soumya. So that’s why he is doing so. Must know-> Shakti 24th October 2016 Written Update

Shakti 25th October 2016 Written Update:

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam this wordings for you
    Thank-you for giving me something to smile about everyday . thank-you for give me joy everyday thanks you for giving me a reason to be grateful everyday .
    Sanaya mam todays episode was so touching specially Harman takes care of sowmya and sowmya loves Harman and she want to live with him and she can’t say to Harman she is suffering herself .we fan still now have no problem that sowmya is a gay but today we feel that why the director made sowmya a gay if she is a girl this story will be an example for true love because Harman and sowmya proved their love and they performed like real husband and wife today episode we fans have no words to tell .sanaya mam please change the story still now sowmya was crying she did not get any happiness but now let she get her happiness and her love and her husband Harman back.sanaya mam in many comments I said that harak sing should accept sowmya and give his love and stand for her than only the serial will have twist please don’t concentrate only on hurting sowmya it is boring.please leave Harman and sowmya to live their life happily and concentrate on varun and surbi love story .will Harman teach a lesson for preeto will surbi take revenge with preeto ? we accept a new love story and we want Harman and sowmya love back give any twist in the serial but don’t saperat Harman and sowmya and don’t bring surbi in between Harman and sowmya let surbi stay in her limit .because Harman treats surbi as a sister how will any brother marry is sister please don’t spoil the relationship when you respect than who all follow your serial will also respect and they will come to no love others sanaya mam please read this message and give me your reply I am waiting why still Harman don’t no about his mother preeto. We fans request you to give sprit to Harman and sowmya love

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam this wordings for Harman and sowmya
    For me love means life because in any type of relationship, we only search for love,live for love. Without a little amount of love,our survival becomes a hell sometimes a single person is enough from whom we expect love.
    This is love but we fans are confused by seeing harman and sowmya love. in this love story we feel their is every thing in this story but something missing it is sprit of Harman and sowmya love please give sprit to Harman and sowmya love story .Harman and sowmya love each other.Harman can’t live with out sowmya and sowmya also can’t live with out Harman and when we read the updates of the story we are totally disturb very much. we don’t no weather you have that feel but as a fan of your serial we have that feel all the time Harman and sowmya is sperated it hurts us .please I request the director as soon as possible make Harman and sowmya together and once again don’t saperat them .nearly 200 messages I have sent but their is no changes and their is no response for the messages it hurted me very much after that I got your relationship and you gave me reply for all my messages than i felt happy one day if I did not get your reply that day I will be very tension .please clear our douts what is the status about varun and surbi love story ? and what about Harman and sowmya love story ?and what is the secret of preeto ? sanaya mam even I have work than also I see your serial and I respect that and I give say my opinion s on comments .please try to understand my feelings and answer my questions .thank-you I am waiting for your reply

  3. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam today’s episode made us to cry because Harman and sowmya love each other so much but they both not telling to each other harman crys for sowmya and sowmya crys Harman they want to live together.but we can’t understand one thing Harman want to keep sowmya happy but her happiness is Harman why he can’t understand .sowmya cuts her finger than Harman will see is name on sowmya s hand she had cuted is name in is hand and he feels and cry but than also he is not realising that how much sowmya is loving him why ?why Harman his so restless and helpless why he is not taking a decision to live with sowmya and still now he don’t no about is mother preeto master plan we thought that Harman will teach a lesson to his mother preeto but no he blindly believes preeto.when we see Harman and sowmya love for each other we feel that if sowmya is a normal girl this love story will be the best love story .Harman and sowmya love story is very special .we fans request you please don’t saperat Harman and sowmya once again .we fans see your serial and we give our opinion s in comments but their is no response and respect for fans message s we fans said very clearly that we want Harman and sowmya love back than also you show us that what we don’t want to see than what is the use of sending our comments .you concentrating only in saperating Harman and sowmya .show us varun and surbi love story .show us how harak sing accept sowmya show us positive scene s the director is concentrating only in hurting Harman and sowmya do you no what is the meaning of love do you nowhat is the meaning of relationship do you no what is the meaning of husband and wife relationship .you hurted us we accepted many things but you hurted us do you no what is the meaning of fans and director relationship .please don’t take the serial ugly add some sentiments love affection etc always seeing crying scenes it is boring we fans are totally disappointed please read this message and give your reply I am waiting for your reply

  4. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam what happen to you why continuesly 3days I am not getting your reply for my comments and you must read that messages because I have pointed many things and I have asked many questions .sanaya mam when I read the updates I get tension and I can’t control my anger .I thought that harak sing will support for sowmya and he will give his love .Harman is standing for sowmya OK we feel in harmans house some one should accept sowmya give some interesting twist .after sending sowmya with is mother nimmi preeto will arrange second marriage for Harman this is normal story .we want how Harman realise is love how he remembers sowmya and how he proves is love to sowmya we fans are accepting this type of story and we want Harman and sowmya love story back.sanaya mam in every once live their will be some problems but every problem s will have an solution why Harman and sowmya don’t have an solution.sanaya man not only I my friend s my sister in law also waiting for your reply please answer to these questions will Harman teach a lesson for preeto ?will Harak sing accept sowmya and give is love for her ?will Harman for get is love is wife sowmya? Will surbi marry varun and enter in preetos house and take revenge with preeto ?and we fans feel that their is no need of another girl in harmans life .let the director no first what we fans want .in many comments. I have said that we should respect our relationship .husband and wife relationship is the strongest relationship .Harman says to sowmya that always be happy in your life but sowmya s happiness is Harman why he can’t under stand .
    Life is very short we should love our life and live our life with our love happily .
    Love is very important to our life .and
    Loveable moment s will give us ture love and happiness .
    let Harman and sowmya live like this

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      Hi Revathi..I am Sorry Dear for the late reply. But you don’t worry to think about Shakti serial because this is a divine love story of Harman and Soumya only which will accomplish soon. So please have some patience and keep enjoying the show. It’s really nice to get your personal views here. You views makes our work valuable. Thanks and wishing you a very Happy Diwali.

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