Shakti 26th August 2016 Written Episode 67 Update

Shakti 26th August 2016 Written Episode 67 Update on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Nimmi is talking to Surbhi about the coming family. Nimmi says to Surbhi to please behave well with the family and their boy because I want to see you married as soon as possible because after seven days Soumya’s reality will come out and you are the only one who will take care of her after me. Surbhi gets ready for the marriage. Here Harman, Raavi, and Harman are going to the court for Raavi’s¬†divorce. Preeto is giving her best wishes to Raavi for her case. Harak Singh says to Preeto that let us go because we are getting late. Suddenly, Soumya is also coming their with a sweet curd. She feeds that curd to Raavi and says that, don’t worry everything is alright. Harak Singh says to all that our bahu rani is so nice that she fulfilled all these rituals. They goes from there. Just after them, Varun is coming down and go towards the gate. Preeto asks what happened? Where are you going now? Varun says I am going to the city because I have some urgent work there. Preeto says to him that why you didn’t go with your mama ji, he was also going there. Varun says I will talk to you later now I am getting late. Here boy family says that we liked Surbhi a lot and we are ready for this relationship. They finalize Surbhi’s marriage with that boy. After some time, Varun is coming and asks Maninder that whose wedding? Maninder says we are talking about Surbhi’s marriage. Varun says to them that I want to marry Surbhi now. Maninder and Nimmi are not ready for this. Varun is trying to convince Surbhi but she is not ready for this.

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Shakti 26th August 2016 Written Episode 67 Update

Here Harman, Harak Singh, and Raavi are coming back to home. Preeto asks what happened? Harman says that judge gave us a next date. But on next date, Judge will announce his decision. Preeto is giving an emotional support to Raavi. But Raavi is crying a lot and says that I am missing my son.¬†Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik and Harman are coming in their room during a night time. Soumya is trying to talk with him but Harman is looking very angry, so that’s why she is looking little scared. But after some time, Soumya says to Harman Singh aka Vivian Dsena that if we want then we have to save Raavi’s married life, I decided that I have to talk with Harak Singh and Preeto about this matter. Thereafter, we will save her married life easily. Even though, she is having a right to live her married life with her husband then what is the problem? Harman says to her that, to save a relation is only when there is something left in the relation. But when there is nothing left in the relation then it may ends. Similarly, this relation will get finish soon. Apart from this, why are you interfering in my family matters? Why are you taking so much interest in my family issues? You are not my wife then stop interfering in my life or my family matters, you are living in this house only because I doesn’t open my mouth. If once I will open my mouth then Harak Singh will throw you outside from this house. This show is going to be very interesting day by day.

Shakti 26th August 2016 Written Episode:

Harman also taunts Soumya by using her transgender weakness. She starts to cry a lot. Harman is also feeling very bad. He thinks regrets on what he said to her. He says to Soumya that I am sorry, I told everything in an anger and nothing else. Soumya starts to cry a lot and says that you are right at you own place. But it hurts me a lot. Soumya goes from there. Harman feels very badl.

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