Shakti 26th September 2016 Written Episode 91 Update

Shakti 26th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 91, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 26 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti continues with the scene in which Maninder is coming to talk to Nimmi. He asks her that when you talked me sweetly last time. You just tell me when you gave some good time to me. He added that I love my daughter Surbhi a lot, she is my jaan and I never lost her. So you please bring Subrhi back to home as soon as possible, So I doesn’t want to give any harm to her. Nimmi replies that I am getting die to see the same love for my Somu. But you never show your love on Soumya.

Here some kinnars give a report to Mallika that how many children took birth in last some days. Out of which, who reported a complaint in the police station. Soumya asks who do you know all this? Mallika replies to her that I know everything, I have some khabri’s and they gave my all report. Soumya says to a small baby that very soon, you will be in your mother’s hand.

Kareena asks Soumya why are you doing this? Soumya says that I never want that any children suffers the same pain which I felt. Here Surbhi says that she will definitely go to search out Somu at any cost. I will never get scared by anyone. She is going to find out Soumya. Suddenly, Nimmi is coming there and then says to Surbhi that you are not going anywhere because your papa is too much tensed to think about your life.

Even your dadi is also worried for you. If you will go outside to find out Soumya by screaming that yyour didi is kinnar. Then, you will face so many problems in your life, which I never want to see. Surbhi consoles Nimmi and says that you don’t worry, I am too much strong and will find out Soumya di at any cost. Nimmi cries a lot and then hugs Surbhi very tightly.

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Shakti 26th September 2016 Written Episode 91:

Here Harman is standing near a pond. He thinks about Soumya. Suddenly, some goons are seeing Harman there and they recognize him by saying that he is that man who beat us, before some time. Soumya is coming to a home where she brings a small baby. She tells that this is your baby. But that lady replies to Soumya that, this is not my baby. Just take this baby away from here. Soumya feels so bad and goes from there.

Surbhi comes to a women house and asks her did you see this woman. Actually, she is showing Soumya’s picture to her. That woman sees Soumya’s pic and thinks that her faith was true. She replies to Surbhi that this pic woman left this home before some time.Surbhi asks them about kinnars. A man replies to her that, all kinnar were going in Santosh Nagar. Surbhi thinks that she will definitely find out Soumya as soon as possible.

After some time, Soumya, Kareena, and all other kinnars are coming to the place where some people are talking about the death of one child, who is in the hands of Soumya. Kareena stops Soumya from going there. They hide themselve from those people.

Shakti 26th September 2016 Written:

She goes outside and you may go there to find out her. Surbhi comes out from the car and gets nobody there. Some goons are coming there and start to beat Harman aka Vivian Dsena very badly. Surbhi gets tensed and thinks that how she will save Harman from the goons. Here Maninder is making a solid plan to stop Soumya from coming back. He is talking to Preeto and makes some solid plan against Soumya, Surbhi, and Harman.

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