Shakti 27th September 2016 Written Episode 92 Update

Shakti 27th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 92, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 27 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti continues with the scene in which Surbhi is going to find out Soumya. But she couldn’t see Soumya as she sits in a car. Here Goons are hitting Harman aka Vivian Dsena very badly. He is hitting him very badly. Harman asks them why are you beating me very badly. What happened? Why are you fighting with me like this. Goons are liking him very badly.

Here Maninder is trying to talk to Nimmi about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik because she wants to bring Soumya back to home. But Maninder doesn’t want her in his home. So that’s why he is trying to make her ready for this. Here Preeto and Harak Singh are getting so tensed because Harman is not hearing them and he is doing everything according to his wish.

But here goons are beating Harman very badly. Some villagers are coming there and see that some goons are beating Harman. They are coming nearby to them and try to release Harman from their hands.  All the goons are running away from there. They recognize Harman and says that this is Harman (Harak Singh’s son). They make a call to Harak Singh and informs him about a bad condition of Harman.

Soumya, Kareena, and other kinnars are coming to a house where a woman is crying for her daughter. That woman asks Kinnars that why are you coming here? I know You people are coming in a happiness, not in sadness. So why are you coming here? Soumya says that why are you crying? That woman replies that my baby died. So that’s why I am crying. Soumya says that please don’t cry, here is your daughter.

That woman takes that baby in her hands and loves her so much. But after some time, she returns that baby to Soumya and says that I can’t accept this baby because this baby belongs to your community. If I accept this baby then one day she will go to your society instead to live with me because this society doesn’t give permission to my baby to live here. Soumya is trying to make her understand but that woman is not ready to accept the baby.

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Shakti 27th September 2016 Written Episode 92:

Soumya says that you have to accept this baby because she needs a mother and you have to nurture her. But that lady denies clearly by saying that I will not show fake dreams to my baby. So that’s why it’s good to send the child with you kinnars. Here Surbhi is asking an address of sector 3 just to find out Soumya. Here all kinnars are going from there. After some time, Surbhi is coming there and asks that lady about her baby.

That lady shouts badly and says that my baby was getting dead. Surbhi shows Soumya’s picture to her and asks her. She says that I saw Soumya. Even she was here but now she is going outside with other kinnars. You will get her outside. Surbhi gets so happy and going outside to find out Soumya.  But when she comes outside, she doesn’t get Soumya there.

Surbhi is getting emotional and thinks that she lost the last chance to get Soumya. Here Preeto, Varun, and Harak Singh are coming to take Harman Singh. Preeto shouts a lot after to see bad situation of Harman Singh. Harak shouts a lot and asks who did this? Who has touched my son? Finally, they bring Harman at home. Preeto is sitting with Harman and asks him about his health.

Preeto scolds him very badly. Harman says that I know you think  that I was going there in Soumya’s reminisces. But I was going there just to forget her and nothing else. Harman added that please give me some time, I will forget her. Here Guruma says to Mallika that we did right that we gave permission to Soumya for going outside. After to go outside, she will come to know people real faces and thinking for kinnars.

Shakti 27th September 2016 Written:

Here Soumya is crying a lot and thinks about the small baby. Mallika is coming there and says that ‘aazmali us bache ki kismat.’ She added that I know what are you feeling now, I know how much you are paining now? But don’t worry, everybody will be getting alright. As we know, we are kinnars and there are no one who will wipe our tears. Soumya gets emotional and hugs Mallika. On the other side, Mallika is getting emotional and she gives an emotional support to her.


Soumya will make a call to Harman by STD and informs him about her location.

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