Shakti 28th September 2016 Written Episode 93 Update

Shakti 28th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 93, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 28 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti continues with the scene in which Soumya is sleeping with a small baby. She ties her hand with the baby’s hand just to take care of the baby. Kareena is coming there and gets emotional to see Soumya and baby’s love. She thinks that how Soumya is so emotional and she is having a motherly heart. Kareena thinks that she have to separate this baby from Soumya because of Guruma’s orders.

Suddenly, Soumya wakes up. She asks what happened? Kareena says that I have to take this baby outside for pooja ritual. Soumya asks what? Kareena says there is not a place of any question because this is Guruma’s order and I have to follow this order. Suddenly, other kinnar is coming there and says to Soumya to come out fast because Guruma is calling her for doing all pooja rituals. Soumya says ok.

Here Harman wakes up and he feels a lot of pain in his head. He starts to search out his sweater. Suddenly, Preeto is coming there. He asks her about the sweater. Preeto says are you mad, are you getting sick. Harman says don’t you try to make me a fool. You know very well that I am asking about the sweater which was made by Soumya for me. Preeto says that I fired out that sweater. Harman says that I know very well that you never did this. Please give that sweater to me.

Preeto says that I will give you that sweater but when I will get my son. Harman says that I am your son which is in front of your eyes. But you closed your eyes and that’s why you are not seeing me. He added that when you will try to feel my pain then you will feel the presence of your son. Preeto says ok I will give you that sweater.

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Shakti 28th September 2016 Written Episode 93:

Preeto and Harman are talking to each other about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. Preeto says to Harman to forget Soumya as soon as possible. She will never become your wife in this life because she is a kinnar and this is a big reality. Harman says that I am going to bring her into my life as my wife. But I want to bring her back in her mother’s life. Preeto says to Harman that I know you want to bring her back only for Nimmi. So I give a challenge to you and that is, you will find out Soumya before the completion of Navratra’s. After this, you will never think of Soumya. Harman makes a promise to her.

Here Maninder is going outside. His beeji is coming there and asks him where are you going now? Maninder says that I am going to visit boy’s home just to fix Surbhi’s marriage date. Beeji asks will Surbhi get ready for the marriage because she is saying very big words now a days. Maninder says that you don’t worry, I will handle everything. Here tarrana is doing pooja ritual but she throw pooja thali from her hands just to ruin pooja.

She says sorry to Guruma for this mistake. All kinnars are getting shocked. Guruma is going in the temple to bring tilak. She applies that tilak on baby’s head. Mallika says that pooja only consider successful when a person applies tilak who did pooja ritual. Guruma says that I know Tarrana was doing pooja ritual and I applies a tilak. So no problem, this baby becomes a new member of our family and this baby’s name is Deepa from now onwards.

All Kinnars are doing clapping for the baby. Mallika says to Tarrana don’t you say something for this baby. Soumya is still silent and not saying anything to them. After some time, Tarrana says to a child that god bless you and nobody will snatch your happiness in your life. Guruma and all other people smiles.

Shakti 28th September 2016 Written:

Guruma says to all to get ready for the mahabhoj. Today is a day of biggest celebration because we get a new family member today. Suddenly, some people are coming there for some help for Navratri celebration. Guruma gives some money to them. Guruma says to all kinnars that we will go for the Navratri celebration shopping after mahabhoj. All kinnars are getting so happy.

Here Harman is making a call to Surbhi. Whereas Surbhi is trying hard to find out Soumya by making a list of kinnars basti locations. She sees Harman’s call but she doesn’t pick his call. She is angry from Harman. Here Harman thinks that Surbhi is right and she is angry too. That’s why she is not picking my call.

Here Soumya is coming outside from the house and finds out the STD just to make a call to Harman. She makes a call and tells him about her proper location. She tells to Harman that I am here in Kinnar basti. Please come here to save my life. Please come soon and save me. Here Preeto is hearing everything because she picked up Harman’s phone instead of him. She gets shocked to hear Soumya’s voice from other side. She cuts the call without giving any response.

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