Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Update Episode 68

Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Update Episode 68 on

The Serial Shakti continues with the scene in which Preeto makes a full proof plan to catch some clue. She wants a proof or a problem though which Soumya and Harman are not living happier together. So that she gives beads saree to Soumya and says her to wear this saree as soon as possible in a night. She calls Soumya in her room and says that I am going to give a best saree to you which you have to wear today. Soumya says that I will not wear this saree at my own, I need help. But today Harman is getting too much tired and that’s why he doesn’t help me in wearing saree. So I will wear it tomorrow.

Preeto is not ready to understand and she insists Soumya to wear this saree today. Soumya says ok to her. Preeto says to her that you have to wear it here because I want to see you in this saree now. Soumya goes in a room and gets change her saree. Preeto asks have you need any help. Soumya says yes, I need you help because my blouse is so tight and I am unable to close it from the back side. Preeto says Let me do this. So that Preeto closes her blouse from her back side.

Soumya says thank you to her and then she goes into her room and gets to sleep. But she is getting a problem during to sleep, so that’s why she get up and thinks that she asks Harman for the help or not? She is missing Surbhi very badly. On the other side, Surbhi is also missing Soumya. But thinks that we don’t have phone, then how can we contact each other.

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Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Update Episode 68:

Finally, she asks Harman to help her. Harman says have you gone mad, go and sleep fast. Soumya thinks that If I was a normal woman then no one behaves like this to me. She feels that she is only a refusal and hatred. She gets sad. Here Preeto thinks that Soumya will feel bad after some time in this blouse. But when she need help then she asks for a help to Harman. If he will help Soumya then their relation is normal and if he will not help her then there is something problem in between them.

Here Varun is getting tensed, because Maninder and Nimmi were not getting ready for their marriage. He thinks that if Surbhi will not come in his life then he will not take his position in Harak Singh’s house. Here Preeto is not sleeping and she is roaming here and there in her room. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto says I am waiting for tomorrow’s morning. Harak asks why? Preeto makes some excuses.

Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Update:

In upcoming episode of Shakti, Harman will gift a mobile phone to Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. Soumya will be getting so happy. But she won’t know how to operate a mobile phone. Harman will teach here and also take first selfie with Soumya. After this, Soumya will be getting so happy and especially when Harman will touch her shoulder during selfie.

Stay tuned with us.

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