Shakti 29th December 2016 Written Episode 159 Update

Shakti 29th December 2016 Written Episode 159, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Preeto is going to meet Abhishek and tells him that I will tell you everything about Surbhi from first to last. So you just get ready to face the reality. He says ok, you tell me what happened? He heard everything and gets shocked too. After his, Preeto is coming back to the home and then tells to Harman to come with her. Preeto says to Harman that you just come with me and I will show you something soon. Harman, Preeto, and Harak are going somewhere. Here Varun and Surbhi are sitting in the mandap.  Click here-> Shakti 28th December 2016 written update. Her Abhishek is hiding himself behind the pillar and he is just try to save Surbhi from the Varun’sclutches.

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Shakti 29th December 2016 Written Episode 159:

Here Varun and Surbhi are getting married to each other in the temple where Surbhi is crying a lot but Varun is getting marry to her forcefully. Nobody is there yet and Surbhi is looking here there. Varun and Surbhi are exchanging their garlands. Surbhi thinks where is Soumya di? If she is coming here soon then I will run away from this marriage and break this marriage too. Abhishek is also coming there just to save Surbhi from Varun. Soumya comes there and gets shocked to see this. Surbhi calls Soumya as Di and she tries to get up. But Varun catches her back in the mandap.She asks Varun what is going on? One of the goons stab Soumya there.

Shakti 29th December 2016 Written Episode 159:

Abhi sees Soumya and gets shocked too. Soumya is getting shattered to see Surbhi with Varun and she is tensed too. Varun says to Pandit ji to please do this marriage as soon as possible. Suddenly, Abhishek is coming there and says nobody will get marry to Surbhi instead of me. Soumya asks Abhishek what is going on here? Abhishek says that you are no one to force my Surbhi like this. Varun calls him lallu. Suddenly, Police is coming there and says to Varun top stop all this. Varun brings out his gun and stabs Surbhi.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam true love never fails we should live our life for a true love .love is not decided by soul it is decided by heart .in Harman and sowmya love story why their is no spirit .they both love each other deeply.and surbi has a sister she showed her love and affection on sowmya to save sowmya she took all type of risk but what is the use if she marry Harman can Harman and surbi live front of sowmya in another room it is like cheating sowmya it is like killing sowmya. and because of preeto only nimmi died but know one don’t know that truth and preeto is blackmailing sowmya that also Harman don’t no every side of the story is not so clear it is stopped in half what is this why the director is taking the story so ugly he don’t know how to respect the relationship .as a fan of your serial I want to tell one thing when we saw shakthi serial we accepted many things from the director according to the story Harman and sowmya love should success and they should live together .we fans said many times but the director did not understand what we fans say and what we want from the beginning of the serial still now sowmya is crying. and because of Harman and sowmya love story only we fans watch the serial but now I am really feeling bad to see your serial .please give your reply
    Thank you
    Your loving friend Revathi

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