Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode 137 Update

Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode 137 Update, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Harman is enjoying pulao on the dining table. He says this pulao is so tasty and Soumya also likes them a lot. Preeto gets silent. Harman asks have you send food in the room for Soumya. She says I forgot to send there in an excitement to sit with you. Harman says it’s ok but you have to send the food now. Even she is hungry too.

Preeto sends food there. After some time, Harman is coming there and sees Soumya is enjoying the food. She is eating that food by taking a full taste. Preeto and Raavi are standing outside the room and gets ready to see the drama. After some time, Soumya is catching her head and Harman gets shocked to see her bad condition. He asks what happened?

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Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode 137 Update:

Soumya replies that I am feeling a bad headache. Harman says that I am going bring a medicine for you. Raavi sees him during to coming outside. She is coming inside the room and starts to talk to Preeto. Harman comes there and asks a headache tablet. Preeto says you had a headache, Let me give you the head massage.

Harman replies that I am alight. But Soumya is feeling a bad pain in her head. So that you have to give me a tablet now. Preeto says that your father ate all the tablet just like a nuts. Harman asks what are you saying? You have no medicine. He asks Raavi. She replies I also got all tablets from here all the time.

Suddenly, Harman’s chachi is coming there. Harman asks her about the tablet. She replies that I don’t have. She does this on Preeto’s request. Harman gets angry and says that I am going outside to bring the tablet for Soumya because she is in a bad pain now.

Shakti 29th November 2016 Written Episode 137:

Behind Harman, Preeto is coming to talk to Soumya and gives a medicine to her. Soumya feels good. Preeto asks Soumya that can you do me a favour. Soumya says yes please tell. You are Harman’s mother. So that I can understand your fear and tension. So that I will do whatever you want.

After some time, Harman is coming back to the home and doesn’t get Soumya in his room. He gets tensed and looking for her here and there. Finally, he gets Soumya in another room where she is cleaning that room. Harman asks what is this? Why are you doing this? Soumya says I am cleaning my room and hence I will live here from now onwards.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam yesterday episode preeto plans to sperate sowmya and Harman .but one think all the time Harman believes preeto and this time if he dint find preetos truth he is not fit to be the hero of the show .and still now all the side of the story is stops on half .because of preeto only nimmi died and she did not have any guilty conscious and as the hero of the show Harman did not find the truth that because of is mother preeto only nimmi died .and sowmya request preeto and she tells that what ever you say I will do .and preeto is also a mother for Ravi and she can’t understand sowmyas pain .preeto is a heartless woman .and harak sing is good hearted person and he also not realizing sowmya s pain innocent love .and shanu and varun plays a negative role they both also hepl preeto why the can help Harman and say the truth of preeto than the story will be spies and than it will be interesting .all hurting sowmya and all ways crying it is not nice and as a fan of your serial Iam very sorry to say this the serial is very very boring the story is going slow and if Harman agree for second marriage than their is no use of saving her and standing for her and fighting for her it all will not have any value .when Harman holds sowmyas hand RAM setha song was played and in any situation RAM ji will never agree to marry another girl will Harman agree to marry and will Harman can stay in another room with another girl will he for get sowmya if he did like that it is like killing sowmya in nife .

    And we fans request you that please don’t take the show for timepass give some good information and teach us good things why I say this because their are people like maninder preeto babe who hurt others and if Harman accept sowmya and if he take her to a hospital and give her some treatment and cure her problem then others also will know that if a gay child is in house how we should guide them .and we fans can’t feel anything thing like this all ways crying .
    What is the moral of the story ?

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      Hi Revathi,
      Now Harman is giving so much priority to Soumya and now he is taking side of her. Now in the upcoming episode you will see more twist and we think you will enjoy this serial so please keep in touch and I will update this episode with full updates.

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