Shakti 29th September 2016 Written Episode 94 Update

Shakti 29th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 94, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 29 Sep 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti continues with the scene in which Soumya is making a call to Harman and tells him about her location that she is in Bhatinda in kinnar basti. She don’t know that Preeto is taking her call instead of Harman Singh aka Vivian Dsena. She is saying hello hello again and again. Here Preeto is getting shocked to hear Soumya’s voice. She cuts the call. Soumya gets shocked after to see that Harman cut her call. But then she comes back to the home with other kinnars.

Here Mallika and Guruma are doing shopping. They purchase something for Tarrana. Mallika says that maybe Tarrana will like this thing. She starts to find out her but they doesn’t get Tarrana there. Guruma asks Rani and Karishma about Tarrana. They replies that they didn’t see her. Guruma says to Mallika to find out her as soon as possible.  Mallika is coming inside the market where Tarrana is present in STD booth. She sees Mallika and then gets scared a lot.

Here Harman is coming behind the Preeto. He says to Preeto that food was very tasty. Preeto smiles. Harman takes his mobile phone from Preeto’s hand. Here Surbhi switched on the phone and thinks that maybe Harman will not call her. Suddenly, Harman makes a call to her. She again cuts the call. Soumya is coming out from the phone booth and then stands there. Rani and Guruma are asking here what are you doing here?

Tarrana is not saying anything. Suddenly, Kareena is coming there and saves her from Guruma’s anger. Kareena says to Soumya let’s go from here and lets we have to purchase some dupatta’s. Soumya is going with her. After some time, Kareena says to her that if you tell the truth then nobody saved you from Guruma’s anger. So please keep quiet.

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Shakti 29th September 2016 Written Episode 94:

Here Maninder is coming back to home. He is looking so happy. Beeji asks him what happened? Maninder says that he fixed Surbhi’s marriage date and very soon , she is going to marry Abhishek. Surbhi, Nimmi, and Nani are coming there. Subrhi says to Maninder that she will not get marry with someone. Maninder says that you are doing wrong with your life because you are ready to understand the situation of your life.

Next day in the morning, Preeto is coming there in kinnar basti. Soumya and all other kinnars are sitting there. Preeto shouts very badly and says that why are you trying to ruin my son’s life. Why you called him? Why? Soumya says that I am getting so nervous, please leave me. Preeto gets angry and she is trying to slap Soumya. But Mallika is coming in between them and catches Preeto’s hand. Preeto gets shocked. Soumya gets scared. Here you also check out Shakti 28th September 2016 full episode update.

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