Shakti 2nd December 2016 Written Episode 139 Update

Shakti 2nd December 2016 Written Episode 139, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Harman is eating a food. He sees Soumya there. Harman asks Soumya to sit with him and then asks her what happened? Where are you roaming now? He asks her to sit here and have a food. Soumya is going from there. Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is getting scared. Harman says to her to sit with them and takes a food. Preeto says to Soumya that please sit here if my son told you to sit here then you have to sit here. Soumya says that you people are giving a lot of respect to me and also gives a place to stay here.

So it’s enough for me and I will eat food in any corner of this house. Harman says that you have to sit here as I told you. I brought you here just to keep you in between us. Your mother was fighting with everyone just to give you a happy life just like us and that’s why you have to sit here. Otherwise, I will make you sit here forcefully. Soumya sits there and starts to eat food.

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Harak Singh is getting angry and then gets up. He is going from there. But Harman says that we people will eat our food in our rooms from now onwards because to sit on the dining table. Firstly, we are having a love for each other. Thereafter we will do dinner here. But I don’t see a love in anybody’s heart.

Actually, he doesn’t want to sit with Soumya aka Kinnar on the dining table. She is going to her bedroom and then gets upset. Harak Singh is going from there. Raavi is also making some comments on Soumya. Harman scolds her too. Preeto says to Raavi that don’t you say anything against Harman because we need Harman’s happiness and his happiness is in Soumya’s happiness.

Shakti 2nd December 2016 Written Episode 139 Update:

After this, Preeto says to him that you may go to your room. I will send a food for you and for Soumya too. Here Soumya is thinking about the situation and cries a lot. She prays to god for Harman’s happiness. Here Preeto and Raavi are making a fake drama in front of Harman. Harman aka Vivian Dsena is coming behind her with a food plate. He asks Soumya to eat this food. Otherwise, I will sit here until you will finish your food. She says she will eat later on. Harman gets angry.

Shakti 2nd December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Maninder is trying to talk to Surbhi but she is not ready to talk to Maninder. Here Harman says to Soumya that you are such a precious part of my life. Here Chacha and Chachi are talking to each other about Harman and Soumya. Chachi says that I have to find out the profit amid this drama. So that I can use my mind to get my profit. Chacha ji says that don’t you use your mind because your mind will get tired.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam what happened you why you are not giving reply for comments. mam my total family and my friends all watching the serial and asking be what reply you got today I can’t answer them so please give your reply.

    Sanaya mam after a long back now only we can feel harman and sowmya love and now only the story is very interesting. Harman feels his love to sowmya and ask sowmya to come to the room and sowmya also love Harman deeply and she can’t say is love to Harman and both of them feel their love and cry it was excellent and mind blowing it was very perfect performance and we fans was very happy to see that .and mam all the time Harman believes preeto blindly and this time Harman should find the truth of preeto that she black miles sowmya and sowmya was kidnapped by preetos plan and nimmi died because of preeto .and Harman fights for sowmya with every one and stands for her this time sowmya also should no the truth of preeto and stand for Harman and accept Harman love this time Harman should teach a lesson to preeto and accept sowmya as his wife .

    Sanaya mam love is not decided by soul it is decided by heart .Harman and sowmya love is feel by heart and not by soul. Sowmya is a kinner so what she also like a girl only and her love is true and we should accept her love Harman and sowmya love should success and that will be the good example for this society and that will be the true success for your show .

    Sanaya mam please read this message and we kindly request you to reply we fans are waiting .
    Your loving friend Revathi

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam I felt very happy to when I saw your reply think you very much for replying .

    Sanaya mam please I request you to answer for this questions because my hole family want answer for this questions so please mam reply.
    Wil Harman for get sowmya and will agree for second marriage or he will accept sowmya as his wife and life long will he stand for her ?
    If Harman accept sowmya and her love than only the serial will be super hit and this his fans wish Harman and sowmya love should success .and Harman should punish preeto and that will be the good example for this society and this will be a true success for shakthi serial.

    Sanaya mam please give your reply .her we all are waiting for your reply so please spend some time for us also
    Your loving friend revathi

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