Shakti 2nd January 2017 Written Episode 161 Update

Shakti 2nd January 2017 Written Episode 161, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya says everything to Surbhi that Preeto wants to see Surbhi as her daughter-in-law. Soumya is crying a lot and says that how will I say all this to you? How? I am no one to take your life decisions from you. Surbhi is hearing her words.  Soumya says that Preeto wants you to get married to Harman. She added that Preeto wants you to see at Harman’s wife place and you will fulfill Harman’s life with colors which I didn’t fill. Yes, you will complete Preeto’s dream that she wants a grandbaby as soon as possible. Soumya says that mummy ji accepted me from every accept but when she told all this to me. Thereafter I have decided to leave that home. Soumya added that when mummy ji forced me to do talk to you then I have decided to leave that home. As I know you will be going to marry Abhishek then how can I say anything to you. I know my choti is my sister and my jaan too. So that I will never ruin your life by saying all this to you. Soumya is getting break down and cries a lot. Surbhi is also crying a lot. Here Harman is coming in his room and looking so angry. He recalls that letter which was written by Soumya to him. Harman thinks that maybe Soumya writes this letter under pressure. He is getting angry and then throws glass on the floor. Here Shanno got to wake up suddenly in a mid-night and asks Viren that why Soumya left this home. Viren gets up and says that you are so intelligent, so please don’t disturb me. Shanno gets restless and decides to find out an answer of her question. Here Preeto and Harak Singh are coming to see Harman in his room. But Harman is not sleeping yet. Preeto asks that, didn’t you sleep yet? Harman says sorry to Preeto for his bad behavior. Harak Singh says to Harman to get relax and it’s ok.

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Shakti 2nd January 2017 Written Episode 161:

Harak Singh added that you don’t worry, we are your parents and we don’t feel bad. Harman says that I did a mistake, so I have to say sorry to Preeto and Soumya too. Preeto and Harak are getting shocked to hear Soumya’s name. Harman says that I will go to meet Soumya there and brings her back here because I used so many bad words for her. Preeto says to Harman that if you want to do this, then it’s ok. After this, Harman and Preeto are coming into their room. Preeto says to Harak that you don’t worry, Soumya won’t come back here because I put a big condition in front of Soumya.  In the morning, all family members are doing breakfast. Harman is also coming there. Preeto makes him sit easily and serves a breakfast to him. Raavi and Shanno are making bad comments on Harman by taking Soumya’s name. Harman throws food and gets up. Preeto stops him. She says to Harman that you have to go now and brings Soumya here.

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Shakti 2nd January 2017 Written Episode 161:

After this, Harman is going to meet Soumya. But when he opens the door. He gets Soumya and Surbhi outside the door. Harman is getting mesmerized and looks into Soumya’s eyes very sweetly. Soumya is also getting so happy to see him happy. Here all the family members are getting shattered to see Soumya there. Harman says that why are you standing on the door? Please come inside. Surbhi says to Harman that Are you still angry from Soumya’s side. Harman says that your didi is so innocent, so that I am not angry from her side. Even I was coming to take Soumya. Harak says to Preeto that you were so confident about Soumya but now she is coming back? Where is your setting? Preeto says that you don’t worry, let me understand the situation. After this, Preeto says to Harman that you have to do breakfast now. Harman says I am not hungry. Preeto says him that now Soumya is also coming here, so you take the breakfast happily. She says to Surbhi to take the breakfast with Harman. Surbhi says ok and goes with Harman.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam what is this we fans can’t accept surbi in harmans life .sanaya mam after nimmi surbi is everything for sowmya and surbi is not only sister she is also mother to sowmya how we can accept this .we fans want Harman and sowmya love story .Harman and sowmya love story is very different Harman and sowmya brought a good feel in fans heart we fans can’t even see the serial that Sur bi or another girl coming in harmans life and also in between harman and sowmya love please we fans request the director to understand fans feeling s and what we fans want why the director is not accepting fans request why he is not giving what we want to see and this is love story if Harman and surbi marrys then no one will have hope or trust on love .
    Love is like wind and we cants see it but we can feel it please let the director feel Harman and sowmya love true love will have many problems and it will give pain but it will be blind but it will never die .
    Please we once again request the director to not sperate Harman and sowmya love is very precious please don’t spoil that relationship and please reply to the fans questions and comments we fans respect you and we hope that we will get a good reply from you I am waiting for your reply
    Your friend Revathi

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