Shakti 2nd September 2016 Written Episode 72 Update

Shakti 2nd September 2016 Written Episode 72 Update  on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Saya calls Preeto in the morning just to prove that Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is a Kinnar (transgender). She also calls Maninder there. He asks Saya that why you called me in an early morning? Saya that Preeto also comes to know about Soumya’s reality but she is not ready to believe this truth whenever you will confess this truth in front of Preeto. Maninder gets shocked and stands silent there. Preeto gets angry and goes near to him. She asks Maninder about Soumya. But he doesn’t say anything to her. Preeto is getting angry and then she slaps Maninder very badly in front of Saya. Saya gets shocked. Preeto says I wish that I will make you sit on the donkey by making your face black. She taunts Maninder very badly. He also feels sorry to everyone and says that please kill me because I am not able to face this society. Saya says everything that Nimmi did a lot of struggle for Soumya, she savesSoumya all the time and doesn’t give any permission to anyone to take her daughter away from here. Preeto says that I don’t want to hear any story. Saya says that it’s not a story, I made a promise to Nimmi. So that’s why I didn’t tell anyone about Soumya.

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Shakti 2nd September 2016 Written Episode 72:

Here Soumya and Harman are talking to each other. Harman makes her just to learn how to take a selfie. Soumya says that I don’t know all this, I think a phone is just a way to connect with our people. Harman takes their first selfie and says that it’s out first selfie. Soumya gets so happy and thinks that maybe it’s our last selfie too because I will go out from this home tomorrow. Harman gives another phone to Soumya and makes her learn all the features. Soumya says thankyou to Harman and says that you are so special to me. Even you are my best friend from now onwards. Harman feels special and then smiles a lot. Harman says to Soumya that you may talk to your mother and I will go outside for some work. Soumya makes a call to Nimmi and talks to her. Here Harak Singh is doing a lot of exercises. His younger brother is also sitting there and says that you just take some relax. Suddenly, Preeto comes  back to home and says to Harak to forget his dream of grandchildren. Harak asks why? Harman comes there and says that I don’t want to see my Preeto in an old avatar. Harak says yes I agree. Preeto says that I will welcome my old age? But you tell me, will this old age come in my life? Preeto thinks that if Harman knew about Soumya’s truth then he never stayed with her.

Shakti 2nd September 2016 Written:

Preeto says that now it’s my turn, you people will do what I think. Maninder and Saya are getting ready to Support Preeto in her plan. After some time, Maninder goes to Harak Singh’s home with Saya. He knocks are the door and then Soumya opens the door. She says papa ji, you are coming here to meet me. I am so happy. Till Maninder says something, Soumya sees Saya and she gets shocked.

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