Shakti 30th August 2016 Written Episode 69 Update

Shakti 30th August 2016 Written Episode 69 Update  on

The Serial Shakti continues with the scene in which Preeto is getting curious to go  into Soumya’s room just to see her that she has changed her saree or not because she made a plan by thinking that if Soumya changes her saree then it’s normal then Harman helped her. Finally, the conclusion is there is everything alright amid Harman and Soumya. But if she doesn’t change her saree. It means Harman doesn’t help her and there is something fishy amid them. But in the morning, Preeto is looking very restless. Harak Singh asks what happened? Why are you looking in a tension. Preeto says nothing.

Suddenly, Harman is coming downstairs. Preeto runs towards him and says that I need a medicine for my headache. You just bring a medicine for me. Harak Singh asks Preeto what happened? Why you didn’t tell me. Preeto says it’s ok, let Harman go. Preeto goes into Harman’s room and sees a blouse on the bed. She is about to take it. Suddenly, Soumya comes out from the bathroom. Preeto gets shocked.

Soumya comes there and asks Preeto what happened? Preeto says I feel that Harman didn’t touch you last night. Soumya gets silent and looking so embarrassing. Preeto says let me open your buttons, why didn’t you tell anything to Harman to open these buttons. He is your husband and you take his help anytime. Soumya is feeling very bad and she doesn’t say anything to anyone.

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Shakti 30th August 2016 Written Episode 69:

After some time, Preeto says to her that you don’t worry, you have to change your clothes and let me go from here. Soumya gets so worried after this. Preeto is coming in a hall room and starts to think about Soumya and Harman. Raavi is coming there. She asks Preeto what happened? Preeto says that you were right Raavi, there is something problem in between Harman and Soumya.

Here Maninder is talking with another family about Surbhi’s marriage. Nimmi and her mother-in-law is also present there. Maninder fixes Surbhi’s marriage which will happen in coming five days. Surbhi is also coming there. Maninder infoms her about her marriage. Surbhi is getting shocked and says that she is not ready for this marriage. Nimmi makes her understand the situation.

Shakti 30th August 2016 Written:

Here Harman comes back to home by taking Preeto’s headache medicine. Preeto says that now I am ok, actually, I took ginger tea. Harman says whatever you take these medicines. Preeto asks him Are you happy with your life? Are you have happy with Soumya. Harman says what happened? I am happy with my life, please don’t interfere in my life. I don’t like it. Harman goes into her room and then share some romantic moments with Soumya. Here Preeto goes to Soumya’s home where Nimmi and all other people are getting shocked to see this. Beeji makes a call to Maninder and informs him that Harman’s mother is coming to meet Nimmi.

Maninder is getting scared. Preeto asks Nimmi that what happened with your daughter? What is going on in between Harman and Soumya? I know Soumya shared everything with you, so you already know everything about their relationship. Nimmi is getting silent. Surbhi makes a call to Soumya and informs her about Nimmi’s arrival. Soumya is getting shocked and asks what will we do? Surbhi says don’t know. After some time, Surbhi makes a call to the boy which whom she gets marry soon? She tells to him that she want to meet him because she wants to say something urgent. He gets ready to meet her. Here Preeto leaves there home and sees Maninder with Saya. She gets shocked.

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