Shakti 31st August 2016 Written Episode 70 Update

Shakti 31st August 2016 Written Episode 70 Update  on

The Serial Shakti continues with the scene in which Preeto is getting restless to know about the problem of Harman and Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. She goes to Soumya’s home to asks Nimmi about the problem. She says to Nimi that I know Soumya and you are living as a friend and she share everything with you. Nimmi says nothing. Even Subrhi brings Lassi for her. But Nimmi gets angry and says that she doesn’t like Lassi. She is going back to her home but she sees Maninder with Saya on the road.

She gets tensed and thinks that what Maninder is talking to Saya. What are they doing together? Preeto stops her car and then comes out. She is going near to Maninder and Saya. But suddenly, then truck comes there and passing from there. Till when truck passing by, Preeto doesn’t get Maninder and Saya there. She gets shocked and then thinks that where they have gone? After to think for 2-3 minutes, she goes back into her car. Actually, Maninder and Saya were hiding themselves behind the car just to save themselves from Preeto.

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Shakti 31st August 2016 Written Episode 70:

Maninder says to Saya that you will not go near to Soumya for next 4-5 days because I can do anything for my Surbhi’s better life. Till my Surbhi will be getting married you will never go near to Soumya. If I need to save Soumya’s life for my Surbhi’s life then I have to do this. Saya gets ready for this. Here Harak Singh is coming at home and calls Preto for the water because his head is paining badly. Therefore, Soumya is coming there with a water. Harak Singh is getting so happy to see Soumya with water. He says thank you to her and says that you are really a good girl and also got best values from your mother. Soumya smiles. Suddenly, Preeto comes back to home. Harak Singh is calling him.  But Preeto ignores him and then go into her room.

Raavi runs behind her. She asks Preeto what happened? Preeto tells everything to her. Raavi goes from there. Preeto starts to think that what Maninder ji was doing with Saya. Why was he talking with her? She thinks that what is the real issue? Here Soumya is decorating flower pot with red roses and says that I know Harman ji likes you so much, so that’s why I am putting you here. Suddenly, Harman comes there and hears her conversation with red roses. She says to Harman that I want to talk to you something urgent.

Harman scolds her very badly. Soumya starts to cry a lot. Harman says to her that I don’t want to see any tear in your eyes. So you make me a promise that you will never cry. Soumya doesn’t stop herself, she is crying continuously. Harman stops her and says that please don’t cry. He makes her to sit down. After this, he gives a friendship proposal. Soumya gets so happy. Even Harman makes a promise to her that I will never scold you.Soumya becomes so happy.

Shakti 31stAugust 2016 Written:

After some time, someone knocks on Saya’s door. She opens the door and gets Preeto there. Saya gets shocked. Preeto says don’t you ask me to come inside your home. Saya gets silent and says that please come. Preeto comes inside and gets shocked to see a number of photos of Soumya in Saya’s room. She asks Saya what is this? What are these photo’s doing here? Saya is completely silent and doesn’t give any response to her. But Preeto forces her, let see what will happen in the episode.

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