Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Preeto asks Soumya that you are coming back to this house then definitely you brought an answer whether Surbhi will marry Harman or not? Suddenly, Surbhi is coming there and says that I will give you an answer that I am ready to marry jeeju. Maninder, Abhishek, and all other family members are coming back to the home with shopping bags. Beeji says that Abhishek is a good boy and he did shopping for all family members. Abhishek says that it’s my marriage with your princess then the shopping is must for this occasion. Maninder asks Nani where is Surbhi? Nani says that I am calling her and asks where is she? Abhishek stops her from doing this and says that she will be coming here soon. Till then I will put these sarees in her room but when she will be coming back to the home, she will be getting surprised. After some time, Surbhi is coming back to the home. Maninder scolds her and asks what happened? From where you are coming now? Surbhi is standing a silent. Nani comes there and says to Surbhi that Abhishek is waiting for her in the room.

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Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode:

Surbhi is coming inside. Abhishek is looking so happy and excited. He shows all the sarees which he bought for Surbhi for their wedding. But Surbhi is standing their silent. Abhishek asks what happened? Why are you looking so upset and sad. Surbhi says that I won’t marry you and she tells everything to him about Preeto’s condition. So that she said yes to her for Soumya’s happiness. Abhishek is getting shattered and gets silent too. He takes all the sarees and says All the best Surbhi for your marriage. Surbhi is trying to stop him. But he is not hearing her and leaves the house. Maninder is coming behind Abhishek and asks what happened? Is everything alright? Abhishek is not replying anything and goes from there. Maninder is getting shocked. Here Nani is coming inside and asks Surbhi that what happened? How did you take this decision on your own? Surbhi says wow dadi, you are bringing a kheer for me. She tastes it and says that you are making a tasty kheer.

Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode:

Harman says to Soumya that I am sorry for my all mistakes. Soumya says it’s ok Harman ji. Here Harman is doing a lot of decoration in his room. When Soumya will be coming there. Harman starts to do romance with her. Soumya asks what are you doing this? He will start to do a dance with him. A song is playing on,’Tenu Itna Mai Pyar Kra.’ Click here-> Shakti 2nd January 2017 written update. Here Harak Singh is talking to Preeto and says that you were so confident that Soumya never came here back. Then, Preeto says everything to Harak that Soumya brought Surbhi with her and she will marry our Harman. Even though Soumya will make him ready to make Harman ready for the marriage with Surbhi.

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