Shakti 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 119 Update

Shakti 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 119 Update, written episode on

The Colors Channel Show Shakti Written Update will show that Mahi is sitting in a hall room where Preeto, Varun, and Chacha ji are also present. Preeto is calling Chachi by saying that haldi is today not tomorrow. Chachi is coming there and looking so happy. Chachi says to Preeto that you are going to become her mother or mother-in-law, so you will apply mehendi.

Preeto applies haldi on Mahi and Mahi becomes so happy. Chachi and Varun are also applying haldi to her. After this, Preeto is going to Harman’s room and asks him what are you doing here? Harman says nothing. Preeto says I am going to attend Surbhi’s marriage because it’s urgent to go there, so you please give me the last thing of Soumya. Harman asks which one?

Preeto says I need that sweater which was made by Soumya. Harman says that I will not give that sweater to you because this is the last thing here. Please don’t take it. Harman is making so many request to her then Preeto says ok to him. After this, she asks what happen? When Mahi will come to kno about this? Suddenly, Mahi is coming there and says that I will proud on my husband that he respects someone’s sweater. So that he will respect his life partner also.

Kareena says Soumya that we will keep you happy always from now onwards. So you please come with us. Soumya says that no I am happy here with my other. Kareena says that when you will come with us then nobody will come there to elope you away with them because Harman is going to marry someone else. So that he will never come to save you.

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Shakti 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 119 Update:

Here Rani and Raveena are making a plan to kidnap Soumya again. So that Rani and Raveena are coming to Soumya’s home with a chloroform just to kidnap Soumya. Finally, they kidnapped Soumya. On the other side, Harman is busy in wedding preparations. Mahi is getting so happy. But when he is about to marry Mahi, he comes to know about Soumya’s kidnapping. He runs away from there to leave Mahi behind.

Here Harak Singh is talking to his brother Viren that he is going outside and then nobody will come inside the home from an outside area. Even nobody will go outside from there because this is our secrect and we will keep it safely. Viren replies that you don’t worry bhai, I will look after everything. Suddnely, Varun comes there and says to Harak that Preeto mami is calling you.

Harak says to Viren that let we discuss later and then decide something else for this matter. They are coming outside where Preeto, Chachi, and Varun are waiting for them. Preeto says to Chachi that we will go to attend Surbhi’s marriage and till then you will complete Harman’s marriage without any interference. Chachi says that you don’t worry, we will look after this matter at my own.

Shakti 3rd November 2016 Written Episode:

Here all people are enjoying Surbhi’s marriage. Soumya is also looking so happy. Suddenly, Preeto and Harak Sngh are coming there with a gift and all. Soumya gets shocked to see them. Soumya starts to think about all the past moments which Preeto did with her. Maninder is going to welcome there. He says to Nimmi to welcome them. They are sitting there. Soumya is coming there to touch their feets. Preeto and Harak Singh are saying to Soumya to stay away from them. Preeto says to Soumya that today is Harman’s marriage and she also shows the photo of Mahi to her. Soumya gets shocked. to see this. After some time, they are coming back to home where Harman is sitting in ¬†Mandap with Pandit ji.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam in tadays episode preeto hurts sowmya and is mother nimmi but harak sing is next to preeto he is not saying anything .harak sing before he treated sowmya as a daughter but now sowmya is a gay he is not giving is love and affection to her if Ravi is in sowmyas place will he treat like this .we fans agree that sowmya is a gay in this what is her fault why no one realise that .preeto is very criminal but harak sing is a good hearted person even he is not realising love affection and pain of sowmya and know one have soft conner on sowmya .vanun can understand the pain of Harman and sowmya because he also loves surbi .I agree that varun plays nagtive role but love is true and pain of love even he knows .will harak sign realise sowmyas love affection and innocent ?will varun help for Harman ?and will varun marry surbi as fans wish?will the director fullfil the fans wish?
    Sanaya mam this wordings specially for you .
    The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to our soul.
    Will you accept me as you friend I am waiting for your reply

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