Shakti 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 96 Update

Shakti 3rd October 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 96, Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 3rd Oct 2016 on

The upcoming episode of Shakti 03 Oct 2016 episode continues with the scene in which Surbhi and Harman are talking to each other about Soumya. Surbhi says that I lost a chance to get Soumya di that day. A time is going on and we are unable to find out Soumya di  yet. Here my father Maninder Singh is getting so serious about my marriage and after Navratra’s he will do my marriage.

Harman says that don’t worry, I have also less time till Navratra’s will get end up. Surbhi says that we lost all leads. Harman says no dear, we have one lead and that is related to an old couple family. We have to go there and asks them about Soumya. Surbhi says yes you are right, we have to go there and check out there.

Here Rani, Raveena, Kareena, and Soumya are eating food by sitting together. Rani and Raveena are saying to Soumya that why are you talking to Kareena only, please tell us about your in-laws family. How is your husband, sister, and all other family members. Even we are not a bad people. Soumya says no, I don’t think so. Soumya starts to say something-something about her family members and about her home-town. Rani and Ranveena are getting so happy because they got a clue about her family.

After some time, Harman is going outside from his home. Preeto asks what happened? Where are you going in so hurry? Harman says that I am going to find out Soumya. Preeto asks where? Harman says I am going, why are you asking so many questions? I am getting late. Harman says that I am going with Surbhi. Preeto gets tensed and makes a call to someone. She calls them at home because Preteo wants to meet them as soon as possible.

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Shakti 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 96:

Rani and Ranveena are making a full proof plan against Tarrana. AActually, they got point which was said by Preeto when she came to threatened Tarrana. Actually, they are talking to each other about their families which are rich and well settled. Raveena says that my father is so rich man of Delhi but he didn’t give anything to me because I am kinnar. But on the other side, my brother i s enjoying his life on my father’s property. Rani says that you don’t worry, I have planned something due to which we will become rich as soon as possible. Raveena asks what?

Rani says to her that we have to talk to Preeto (Tarran’s mother-in-law) because she is so rich lady and she is ready to give limitless money to us but only when, when we send Tarrana very far from this area. Raveena asks how? How will we send Tarrana very far from this place? Rani says that we will send Tarrana to Bangkok. Due to this, Preeto will be getting so happy and we will get so much money from her.

Ranveer says that if Guruma will come to know about this, then what will we do? Rani says don’t you think about Guruma. Stop murmuring Guruma Guruma again and again. They are going to Preeto’s home and share their plan with her. She gets so happy. Here Harman and Surbhi are reaching to the area where Soumya is present. They are making a plan to find out Soumya as soon as possible. Must read out Shakti 30th September 2016 written update.

Shakti 3rd October 2016 Written:

Here Preeto is going to meet Maninder and informs him that your younger daughter is roaming with my son here and there to find out your kinnar daughter and I am getting so scared because I feels that they will find out Soumya definitely. Maninder gets shocked. Surbhi and Harman are going to meet an old couple. They pleads them for the help. Firstly, they denied to help them. But Surbhi is making an emotional

But Surbhi is making an emotional atyachaar on them. They gets ready to help them. Surbhi says that if you will show that your son is coming back with your grandson then kinnars will definitely come here and we will get my sister. Harman smiles. Here a man is coming at old couple house. He is coming to deliver baby’s diaper. He asks why are you buying all this? An Old man replies that my grandson is coming for one day and that’s why I ordered a diaper.


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  1. revathi

    We fans cant understand why Harman can’t find out that preeto have contact with Rani and Raveena who is staying with guruma than when Harman is going to fight with is mother preeto that sowmya is my wife and when Harman is going to prove is love and Harman want to help sowmya and bring her back with him but we fans can’t understand that Harman love s sowmya truly or he only have soft conner on her it is not clearly shown to us.
    surbi is searching his sister everywhere and she remember her and cries for her sister it was awesome surbi is not only sister for sowmya she is also a mother for sowmya if surbi takes sowmyas place than what is the use of searching her and crying for her this is like fooling sowmya please don’t spoil the relationship Harman love only sowmya .and Harman and sowmya relationship is husband and wife relationship and surbi is sowmyas sister Harman treats surbi as his sister .I want to tell one thing sisters husband is like our father and wife’s sister is like daughter surbi and Harman relationship is father and daughter relationship we fans cant accept surbi in between Harman and sowmya s life let surbi stay in her limit .we want Harman and sowmya love story back
    Love is a sweet feeling every one can’t feel that only a ture lovers can feel that let Harman and sowmya feel their love .
    We fans are already very much disappointed by seeing Harman and sowmya love breakup we fans are very much confused please read this comments and clear our doubt s .again and again i say one think that don’t spoil the relationship Harman and sowmya are made for each other their are very cute we fans request you to reply please we fans our waiting

    • Sanaya Vashisht


      Hey Revathi thanks to share your feelings with us. But you don’t worry, in next episodes Harman will come to know everything. Even though he will find out Soumya too. It would be interesting.

  2. revathi

    Why you don’t think about varun love story may be varun character changed but he loved surbi turly as a fan I think surbi should marry varun and she should enter preeto house and she should teach a lesson to preeto why we say this because of preeto only nimmi is become mantel so surbi must take revenge with preeto and she should marry varun than shakthi serial will be more thrilling and interesting I am fan of your serial as a fan I said my opinion about varun and surbi please give reply to this message I am waiting for your reply
    Love will not have eyes but it will have heart so varun intention is wrong but varun love is true so varun and surbi must marry it is fans request please consider this comments

  3. revathi

    Harman and sowmya miss one another many times it is boring their is a limit to miss and I have a question please answer me Harman saves sowmya OK after bringing her back he sends sowmya with is mother nimmi if Harman sends sowmya then what is the use where is love between Harman and sowmya when Harman and sowmya going to feel their love this is love story where is love we can’t see we fans are totally confused what about Harman and sowmya love story and what about varun and surbi love story and in Harmans house someone should help Harman to find sowmya and any one should say what is happening in house and what is preeto is doing and we want to no whether Harman loves sowmya or he is having only soft conner please tell us clearly their is no pepper and salt in this two love story will varun marry surbi and make fans happy we fans want to see surbi and varun marriage we fans accept something new because in every serial we see the same story but let shakthi serial be different we fans request you to show us some happy screen s and you should give some good message to the society
    Life is very short for every person
    We should live our life happily
    Love is life and life is love
    Let Harman and sowmya love come true
    I am waiting for your reply we give our comments and we say our opinion please say your opinion about fans request whether you accept or not I think you will clear our doubt and say your answer clearly

  4. revathi

    Why what happened to the director why he is not thinking positively .why the director only concentrate on bringing surbi in between Harman and sowmya .surbi is sowmya s sister and Harman also treat her has a sister only than what is the use of searching sowmya .where is sisters sentiment where is love where is affection where is romance ?Love is very special let Harman and sowmya love story be very special to this society we said our opinion what is your answer please reply

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