Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

Serial Precap: In the forthcoming episode of Shakti, the serial begins with the scene in which Nimmi makes a call to Soumya just to bring her to the temple. She is calling Soumya there in the temple where Kaya is also present. So many kinners are coming there and making a circle around Soumya. Soumya gets scared. After some time, Saya comes there and she asks Nimmi that she tells her a truth now. Nimmi tells everything to Soumya that she is Kinnar in reality. Soumya gets shocked and not ready to believe her. Then she runs away from there. After some time, she comes home back and locks herself in the room. Later on, everybody come outside her room and try to open her door. But all are getting shocked to see her to locked inside the room. Apart from this, she is not ready to open the door. Harman pleads Soumya to open the door.

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Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode

Soumya thinks that how it is possible that I am transgender. She thinks that how she will face everyone in her in-laws house especially Harman. On the other side, Saya and Nimmi are talking to each other. Saya says to Nimmi that you don’t worry, Soumya is too smart and she will handle everything in her sasural. Nimmi replies to her that she is my daughter, I gave birth to her and I clearly knows that she is not so clever in handling all these things. She is so innocent. Saya says to her that stop all this and be strong because this is the only time when you can handle your daughter from all aspects. Nimmi says to Saya that I need to go to Soumya’s in-laws house now. Saya stops her and says that it’s not the right time to go there. You just wait for the next day and then talks with Soumya about this matter. Here Soumya cries a lot and thinks that how she will face Harman and his family. Surbhi is also coming outside the door and she also calls Soumya’s name to open the door. But Soumya doesn’t reply anything to her. Soumya thinks that how Harman aka Vivian Dsena reacts when he will come to know about her truth. Will he accept her as his wife or not? She is so much confused.

Stay tuned with us. We will update here at 8 pm tonight just after the serial will get broadcast.

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