Shakti 4th November 2016 Written Episode 120 Update

Shakti 4th November 2016 Written Episode 120 Update, written episode on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Harman is sitting in a mandap and ready to do marriage. Suddenly, a door bell rings up and then Viren is going to check who is on the door? He gets Saya there. Preeto says to her that you just come inside because I don’t want any type of controversy with you. So you may come inside and sits here. Saya is coming inside and sits there. She think today I can watch two marriages and then nothing is left here for Soumya to stay here.

Here Surbhi is getting ready and looking so awesome in bride attire. Soumya appreciates her beauty. She says that you are one of the beautiful bride of this world. Surbhi smiles. Suddenly, a barat is coming there. All dholak’s and music has been started. Surbhi says to Soumya to see the barat. Soumya says no I am present here with you, if you will need something then who will give you.

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Surbhi says that I am ok here, you please go and see the barat. Soumya thinks that I will not say anything to Surbhi about Harman’s marriage. She is going outside but she is upset to think about Harman’s marriage. Here Maninder and Nimmi welcomes the barat. Pandit ji says to Nimmi to bring a bride here. Nimmi is coming there and thne says that you are my strongest daughter.

Surbhi gets upset. Nimmi hugs her and gives an emotional support. She takes Surbhi outside. Here Rani and Ranveena are coming there and catches Soumya. They are looking little scared but finally they catches Soumya and brings her outside through the window.

Shakti 4th November 2016 Written Episode 120 Update:

Rani and Raveena are coming to kidnap Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik from the Nimmi’s house. They comes there with a chloroform and they make her to inhale  just to faint her. Finally, she gets faint and falling down on the floor very badly. Rani and Ranveena are making a complete arrangement just to kidnap her and takes her away from her home.

Here Nimmi brings Surbhi in a mandap. But after some time, she is looking for Soumya but doesn’t get her in a marriage hall. Nani says that she was coming outside with us. Nimmi says but I didn’t get her anywhere. She decides to go inside and try to find out her.

Suddenly, Nimmi comes there and she calls Soumya. But she gets shocked to see that Soumya has kidnapped by the kinnars and then she is about to shout. But Maninder is coming there and holds her mouth tightly. So that she can’t shout. Finally, they take Soumya with them. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep visiting here.

Nimmi shouts and tries to stop them. Suddenly, Maninder is coming there and catches Nimmi very badly. He covered her mouth and stop her from saying anything. Here Mahi is coming in a mandap and sits near to Harman. She asks Harman that what this kinnar is doing here? He says that she is coming here for some shagun of our marriage. Mahi says ok to him.

Shakti 4th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Harman and Mahi are getting up. Pandit ji says them to exchange garlands. Mahi makes him to wear a garland. After this, she starts to look at him but Harman is looking downside. Preeto says him to exchange a garland. Harman looks above and makes her to wear a garland.


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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam why I did get reply from last 2days in that messages I wrote some wordings specially for you please read that message
    Sanaya mam in today’s episode Harman leaves mahi and he runs to save sowmya will Harman save sowmya again and this time will Harman realise is love and will he prove is love to sowmya and when Harman will come to know that his mother preetos plan to kidnap sowmya .even we fans are accepting that Harman will come to know about is mother and one side mahi is saying that he will stay here only until Harman comes back after coming back what will Harman do will he marry mahi or will he live with sowmya . and surbi as a sister she feels is sisters love and crys for her it was excellent surbi brought good feel we fans also must be like surbi .sowmya and surbi sister sentiment is awesome .

    This wordings for Harman and sowmya
    When someone loves you .they don’t have to say it . you can tell by the way they treat you.
    Let Harman and sowmya feel their love soon and live for each other we fans are waiting to see Harman and sowmya love story
    Today I have a question
    Will surbi accept varun love and marry him as fans wish ? In many comments I have asked this question please answer?
    Will Harman take revenge with is mother preeto and teach a lesson to preeto ?we fans are accepting that ?show us something new and interesting twist as we fans accept and enjoy the show as a fan of your serial I request you to answer my questions and I am waiting for your reply.

  2. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had your dinner .
    Sanaya mam continuesly 3days we our not getting reply for our comments .every day we give our comments but when we did not get your reply we our very much disappointed. Please read the messages and give your reply and in that messages I wrote some wordings specially for your.
    Sanaya mam I am a big fan of Vivian .as a fan I send a friend request to him but he did not accept continuesly one week I am sending my request but he can’t understand that I am is fan and I don’t no why he is not accepting fans request my friend s challenged me that he will not accept like that only he behaved and I was very much disappointed and their is no words to tell about him please send this message to him this is my kind request to you and now I feel why I send him a friend requests I my self feel very bad

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