Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

In the forthcoming episode of Shakti, the serial begins with the scene in which Nimmi and Surbhi are coming at home. Nimmi asks Surbhi that Is everyone sleeping in the home or not? Surbhi says to Nimmi that you don’t worry, everyone is sleeping here. Nimmi and Surbhi are coming outside the Soumya’s room. Surbhi calls Soumya’s name again and again. Here Harman is coming to home from an outside. He is getting so excited to think about his first night. He thinks that he will gift payal to Soumya. But when he reaches near to his room, he¬†gets Nimmi and Surbhi there.¬†Harman calls Soumya’s name and asks her to open the door. All the family members are coming outside the room. They are also asking Soumya to open the door. After some time, Harak Singh says to Harman to open the door as soon as possible. Harman breaks the door and finds Soumya lying on the floor unconscious after cutting her wrist. Nimmi, Surbhi, Harman, and all other people are getting shocked to see Soumya’s condition.

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Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode

Harman runs very fast and ties hanky on her wrist. Harak Singh says to Harman to take her to the hospital. Harak Singh is taking out some money from his almira. Harak’S wife asks her husband and says that what are you doing? Harak replies to her that I took out money because our daughter-in-law needs money in the hospital, so we have to go there with money. Harak’s wife says that I don’t like this girl, so that’s why I didn’t want her to bring here in my house. Harak Singh scolds her very badly and says her to come with me because we are going to the hospital. Here Surbhi and Nimmi are getting shocked after to see Soumya’s condition. She asks Harman about Soumya’s health. Harman replies to her that she is unconscious this time. Nimmi gets emotional and says to Surbhi to inform all people at home. Surbhi makes a call to Nani and starts to cry a lot. Nani asks what happened? Why are you crying a lot? Surbhi is crying continuously. Nani asks what happened? Surbhi tells her that Soumya got to know about her reality, so that’s why she cut her wrist. Nani cries a lot and gives an emotional support to Surbhi. She says to Nani that please come here soon, I am waiting for you. On the other side, Harman is thinking that why Soumya did this? Surbhi comes near to Nimmi and gives and emotional support to Nimmi. She asks Surbhi about Mata Rani’s temple. Surbhi says to her husband that I am going with my mother to the temple. Here Surbhi’s husband is giving an emotional support to Harman. Nimmi says to Mata Rani that please take care of my daughter. Please give your best blessings to her. Nimmi cries a lot.

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