Shakti 5th December 2016 Written Episode 141 Update

Shakti 5th December 2016 Written Episode 141, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Surbhi and Nani are coming in the Harak Singh’s home. Surbhi is going to see Soumya in Harman’s room. She gets tensed to see that Soumya is not here. After this, Surbhi is coming in the hall room where all family members are present. Harman’s chachi and Raavi are using bad words against Soumya. Surbhi asks please tell me where is my didi?

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She says that maybe she is laying into the servant’s quarter. After some time, Soumya is coming out from the servant’s quarter and then Surbhi gets shocked. She asks Soumya to come with her now. Soumya says that she can’t come with her. Although she is a kinnar but she got married to Harman. So that she stays here. Soumya says that it’s big for me that Harman ji wants to see me here. So that sindoor and mangalsutra are not important for me. Only Harman ji’s wish is everything for me instead of god’s wish.

After this, Surbhi says that why are you staying in servant quarter, please come with us. Soumya says that, it’s a big thing for me that, they are giving a permission to me to stay here. Suddenly, Harman is coming there and calls her Gulabo. He brings one shawl and chocolates for her. Apart from this, I also brought some toys, sarees, and bangles for you. You will wear different-different daily. Sometimes, when I will not here then you will talk to these toys. Whenever chocolates will get finish then you will tell me.

Shakti 5th December 2016 Written Episode 141:

After this, he asks Soumya that you likes the color of shawl or not? Soumya gets happy. Suddenly, Preeto is coming there and says that the color is so beautiful. But Soumya gets angry and says to him that I won’t accept these because I don’t want these things. Preeto feels so good after to hear all this. Harman gets hurt by her. He says to Surbhi to make Soumya understand what is she saying to me?

Dadi and Surbhi are trying to make Soumya understand to accept these things happily if Harman brought all these things for you. Have you upset from him? Soumya says no I am not upset from anyone. But I don’t want all these things. Harman says that we got married and this is my responsibility to do all this for you. To take care of your is my duty. Click here-> Shakti 2nd December 2016 written update

Soumya says that firstly you will take care of your family, you sister, and other people. After to say all this, Soumya is going into her room. Surbhi and Dadi are coming there. Surbhi asks her why she did like this? Soumya says that as you know Harman ji is staying into my heart. Even I never think to do this with him but she tells everything to Surbhi about Preeto’s words.

Shakti 5th December 2016 Written:

After this, Soumya asks Surbhi that what can I do? As you know I won’t go anywhere, so that I can do all this because I don’t want to come in between Harman and his family responsibilities. Nani appreciates her understanding power. She says that you are looking just like me Nimmo, she gets happy to see you here. Here Maninder is going somewhere to purchase wheat. Some men are starting to pull his leg to say wrong about his daughter Surbhi.

Here Surbhi says that we are with you didi, you will do what do you like. Apart from this, you will come there because that is your house too. Soumya smiles a lot. After this, Surbhi and Nani are coming outside from Soumya’s room. Harman aka Vivian Dsena asks Nani what happened? Is everything alright? Nani says Soumya is right whatever she is doing now? Harman gets shocked. Nani says you don’t worry, she is having a values given by Nimmo.

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