Shakti 6th December 2016 Written Episode 142 Update

Soumya is going into her room where she is not ready to talk to anyone. Harman is trying to talk to her but she is not opening the door or ever she is not replying to him. In the night time, Harman takes a drink and then comes outside the Soumya’s room just to call her out. He calls Gulabo, please come outside. Soumya covered her ears with hand.

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Harman is asking a lot of questions to Soumya that why are you hiding inside? I will resolve your all problems as soon as possible. Please come outside. Preeto is coming there and says to Harman to please control yourself and let’s talk to her in the morning. Harman says that please Soumya open the door. Some neighbors are also coming there and ask¬†what happened? Harak Singh replies that you may go now and sleeps down. This is just a little nok-jhok of children and nothing else.

He shouts very badly and then asks her what happened? Why are you not coming outside? Why are you not talking to me? Soumya is not replying yet. Harman shouts very badly. After some time, Some people are also gathering here . Preeto says them to go back top their houses. They are replying that we won’t go from here till then bhabhi will not come out. They are saying to Harman to say I LOVE YOU to bhabhi and then she will definitely come out. Harman says I love you Gulabo. Preeto and all other people are also coming there. Preeto gets angry. Click here-> Shakti 5th December 2016 written update

Shakti 6th December 2016 Written Episode 142:

Soumya opens the door and then Preeto is coming inside. She says to Soumya that you may come outside and handles everything carefully because all neighbors are outside your room. Soumya says ok and she is ready to go outside. Preeto says her to smile little and comes outside. After some time, Soumya is coming outside and then Harman is also getting happy to see her.

Shakti 6th December 2016 Written Episode:

When she is coming outside. All neighbors are saying to Soumya that Harman loves you a lot because you are so lucky. But now you are saying the same word. Soumya feels shy. Harman is looking into her eyes. Soumya says that my Harman also knows my heart feelings and then I don’t have any need to say anything. After to hear this, all neighbors are saying that your wife is so good and also saying a nice dialogue.

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