Shakti 7th December 2016 Written Episode 143 Update

Shakti 7th December 2016 Written Episode 143, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya is coming outside from the home and says to all that it’s not really important to confess everything and we gives words to our love. I have a love into my heart for him and he knows very well about this. Then, why I confess everything. Neighbours are saying that your wife is so intelligent Harman and we will teach out wives also.

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After some time, when all neighbors are going from there. Soumya says to Harman that you just stay away from me because I don’t live with you. I never want to see unhappy. If  will stay apart from you then you will be happy but if I will come near to you then your happiness will go away. Harman is getting emotional  and puts Soumya’s hand on his head just to ask him about her words.

Soumya clearly says that never come back into my room. Harman says I will go now and sleep. If I won’t get sleep then I will switch on the AC because Preeto said that I am feeling good in AC. Even when I won’t get a good sleep in AC then I will go into my gallery but never comes back into your room. Soumya says ok and if you will come here then you will ignore your responsibilities.

Shakti 7th December 2016 Written Episode 143:

In the morning, Soumya is preparing food and also serves everyone on the dining table. Preeto is enjoying the breakfast and she is looking at Soumya because she is looking so silent. Preeto asks her where is Harman? Have you give a promise to him not to eat food? Soumya looks on. Suddenly, Harman is coming there from the stairs. Chachi says to Harman to come and eat paratha’s now. Harman says I will eat breakfast later but now I am going to carry out my responsibilities.

After to sat this, he is going out from the house. Harman is going from there and Soumya looks at him. Chachi says to her to go away from here now because we don’t like your face during to eat food. Here Harman is coming out from the home and makes a call to Raavi’s father-in-law. He calls him to meet because he is having some urgent work in which he will also get profit. After this, Raavi’s father-in-law makes a call to Varun. Varun thinks why he is calling me?

Here Soumya is making a call to Surbhi and tells her about her new number. Surbhi says that I am going for giving an interview and please eat food because if you won’t eat food then I will think about you during my interview. Soumya says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. Surbhi says that I am going for giving an interview because I am getting late.

Here Varun is planning Harman’s accident by joining hand with Raavi’s father-in-law just to kill Harman. After some time, when Harman is coming to meet Raavi’s father-in-law. He is making a request to him to hand over the baby to Raavi and then we will think about the relationship. Raavi’s father-in-law is shouting very badly and says that I thought you called me here to dictate a story of you and your kinnar.  Some people are gathering there. He says that I will create a big drama here, otherwise you may go from here. Harman says that you will see what will I do with you and your son.

Shakti 7th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Varun is coming in the kitchen and then try to apply butter to her just to convince her to make a call to Harman aka Vivian Dsena. He says to Shanno Chachi to make a methi parathe because he want to eat. She says that I am going to call Harman to bring methi because methi is getting finished at our home. Varun gets so happy to hear this. He is going from there and Shanno Chachi makes a call to him and tells him to bring Methi.

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