Shakti 7th November 2016 Written Episode 121 Update

Shakti 7th November 2016 Written Episode 121 Update, written episode on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that Rani and Raveena are bringing Soumya somewhere and handovers her to the goons. Here Harman and Surbhi are coming to know about Soumya’s kidnapping. They are running away together just to find out Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik.

Here Rani and Raveena brings Soumya somewhere and sell her to some goons. Goons are saying that, this is so beautiful lady and nobody recognize that she is a kinnar. Thye have planned to send Soumya to Delhi. Soumya hears everything and gets shocked. She thinks if Harman ji is here then nobody can harm her.

But when the barat people are saying bad words to Maninder then he feels so bad. He takes a poison and then gets down. But Maninder forcefully drink it. Nimmi is trying to stop him. Bebe is also shocked.Actually, Mallika comes to know about the kidnapping and she informs Harman suddenly. He ran away and goes to take Surbhi from her home. Here Nimmi brings Doctor at home for Maninder’s check up.

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Shakti 7th November 2016 Written Episode 121 Update:

Preeto makes a promise to Mahi that once the phera’s will get completed then Harman will return soon. Mahi says to Preeto that I won’t go anywhere from this place because I will anywhere only with Harman aka Vivian Dsena. Preeto gets tensed. Maninder takes poison bottle in his hands and says to Nimmi that I will take it. Nimmi says it’s not good.

Here Bebe is defaming Nimmi for the bad condition of Maninder. Here Surbhi says that how can we find out di, we don’t know where is Di? Harman says that you don’t worry, we will definitely find out her. Mallika says that we will find out her as soon as possible because Rani and Raveena are such a clever ladies.

Shakti 7th November 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Harman and Surbhi stop their car and gets that car driver who dropped Rani and Raveena. Harman asks them about their location. But he denies to tell anything. Here Harak Singh is finding out Harman Singh here and there with the help of Police. But they are not getting him anywhere yet. Harak Singh is getting tensed. He scolds Police very badly.

Here Goons handover Soumya to other goons and says then to drop Soumya to Delhi. From that place, they will send Soumya to Bangkok. Soumya hears everything. Here Mallika takes Harman and Surbhi at the place where they get Rani and Raveena. Mallika asks where is Soumya? They reply that, we sold out Soumya at 2.5 lakh because they will send Soumya to another country.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam why I am not getting reply past 4days please read that messages and reply
    Today’s episode it was not like telling why because again sowmya is kidnapped Harman is searching sowmya but he is not remembering her and he is not crying for her .if Harman is really loves sowmya that feel the director should bring on the screen we fans cant imagine we fans can understand that the director is adding some twist but that twist must be interesting . from when even we fans are waiting that Harman will come to no about is mother preeto he wI’ll punish is mother preeto.but no the story is only hurting sowmya and always a hero of the serial Harman should stand for sowmya and prove is love and he should find soon who made this plan to kidnap sowmya than when we fans going to see Harman and sowmya love affection romance.sanaya mam one side Harmans family hates sowmya one side is father maninder hates her one side preeto is planning how to saperat sowmya from Harman in this their is no sentiment love affection romance soft conner happiness. nothing thier is no pepper and salt in this story .and mahi his no need in this love story .in shakthi serial no one is realising that sowmya is a gay in this what is her fault. their is no words to tell .and the director dont know what we fans want and he cant under stand fans Harman and sowmya their are so cute pair and they look like made for each other .but mahi and Harman pair we can’t see at all their is a patient for us but this is to much we fans feel .and surbi as a sister she cries and she run from the madpa it is awesome sister sentiment was nice. sanaya mam please send this message for the director we fans are not happy and please answer to this question s will Harman find sowmya ?will he prove his love to sowmya and realise sowmyas love ? Surbi will marry varun or abhishek? Will Harman come to know about his mother preeto ? Will harak sign give is love and affection to sowmya ?we have more questions but please answer for this question s not only I am waiting even my friends my family is waiting for your reply

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