Shakti 7th September 2016 Written Episode 76 Update

Shakti 7th September 2016 Written Episode 76 Update Episode, 7 Sep 2016 written episode on

The Sunday episode of Shakti Written Update continues with the scene in which Nimmi is falling in Preeto’s feet and asks her about Soumya’s location. Nimmi says to Preeto that please tell me where is my daughter? Preeto gets angry and says that I don’t know where is she? Nimmi says please tell me once and then I will never show my face to you. Preeto throws Nimmi and Subrhi out from the home. Here Preeto thinks that what will happen next my god? I am so scared. Harak Singh says to all that if someone will leak this matter outside the home then I will kill him/her.

Nimmi is coming on the road and starts to find out Soumya there. She asks everyone about Soumya that you saw my daughter or not? Surbhi is trying to handle her. But Nimmi is going to be out of control because she is so emotional to think about her daughter.

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Shakti 7th September 2016 Written Episode 76 Update:

Maninder is talking with his bebe about Soumya and Saya. He says to bebe that god is great. Bebe asks what happened? Maninder says that finally Soumya is going into her world and we don’t have any connection with her from now onwards. Bebe becomes so happy and says that how it happened? Maninder tells everything to her and laughs a lot.

Surbhi is coming there and says that you are such a cheap man and I know you are the only one who did this cheap thing. Nimmi comes there and she asks Maninder about Soumya. Maninder confirms her that he have sent Soumya into her world and this is good for her future also. Maninder laughs a lot. Nimmi gets angry and she beats Maninder very badly. Maninder also gets shocked to see this avatar of Nimmi. He gets angry and tries to slap her. But Subrhi catches his hand and stops him from doing all this.

Shakti 7th September 2016 Written:

In the next day, Nimmi is going outside to find out Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. Somewhere she sees Saya. Nimmi runs behind her just to ask about Soumya. But she met with an accident on the road. Surbhi is also running behind her. She is trying to stop her but till then Nimmi met with an accident. Surbhi shouts badly. On the other side, Harman is also going to search Soumya here and there. He is getting angry to think about Preeto’s step against Soumya.

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  1. revathi

    Shathi serial Harman and sowmya love story is awesome and the thoughts of director was very nice before but now the serial is not interesting because when i saw Harman and sowmyas love story I got my remember s of past lovely moment back but now we can’t feel the love in the serial why the director wants to bring another girl and surbi in Harmans life.we fans don’t want any one coming in between Harman and sowmya love story. we fans accepted more from the director we thought this love story is something different but totally the director disappointed us by separating Harman and sowmya add more salt and pepper in love story

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