Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

Shakti serial begins with when Kinner lady is present in ICU where Soumya is in unconscious condition. Kinner lady says to Soumya that your actual VIDAYI happens now. Harman says to nurse that i wanna meet Soumya. But nurse tells him that she is unconscious at that time. She is in dangerous condition because of veins cutting. Blood flow away in large quantity. You should meet her after waking her up. Doctor tells to everyone that Soumya’s condition is very critical. She needs blood. He says to everyone to test their blood groups. Because we have to transfuse blood.

Kinner lady says to sleeping Soumya that she will take her away from everyone’s life. She says to Soumya that her mother always protect Soumya but now she will not happen it more. Kinner lady says to sleeping Soumya that her world is where the trans lady lives. After saying all this, Kinner lady inking fall that someone is coming. She is hiding under the cartons. Harman’s dad (Harak Singh) and Harman goes to ICU to meet Soumya. Harman’s dad says to sleeping Soumya that fights are always happen between every husband and wife. If she is doing all this due to Harman then i will slap him. Harman’s dad slaps Harman and says to sleeping Soumya that wake up Puttar Ji. We are waiting to see you well. Harman catch Soumya’s Hand and says to her that he learns love after watching Soumya. Harman says sorry to sleeping Soumya that she never do anything with her forcefully. Please get well soon, i want to talk to you a lot.

Doctor do tests of Nimmi’s (Soumya mother) blood group but it doesn’t match with Soumya’s blood group. Harman says to nurse that please take everyone’s blood and try to match. Harman’s dad says to Maninder Singh (Soumya Father) that if Soumya’s mother blood group is not matched then he should try to test his blood group. I thinks that your blood group will match. Soumya’s father is so tensed to hear all this because he doesn’t want to give her blood to Soumya. He says to his mother that god does always good with everyone. It’s good that i did not kill Soumya otherwise i was stuck. Soumya’s dadi says to Maninder that don’t take more stress.

Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update:

Nimmi(Soumya mother) says to Soumya’s Nani that i am making a fuss and can’t sit here. I want to go to Mata Rani Darbar. Nani says that i also come with you. They both are going to pray for Soumya’s life. Harman’s mother asks from Maninder (Soumya’s Father) that what happens with Soumya’s Nani? Soumya’s Father is open eyed because he does not know about anything. Harman’s mother tells Maninder that Nimmi (Soumya’s mother) was coming to Harman’s home to take some reports of Nani. Soumya’s Father says to himself that what is happening here. Soumya’s dadi is coming there to turn this talk. She says that there are some pain in Soumya Nani’s legs. I think that’s why Nimmi (Soumya’s Mother) is going at your home.

Nimmi is praying for Soumya’s life and Harman comes there. He says sorry to Nimmi, he thinks that everything happens due to him. Nimmi says that nothing is happened due to you, you can’t blame to yourself about this happening. At that time, Harman’s Mother is coming there and says to Nimmi that something happens daily at our home after this marriage. Harman’s Mother says to Nimmi that everything is faced by us not by you. Harman says to his mother that please stop saying all this. Soumya is her daughter. Maninder (Soumya’s father) is coming where Nimmi presents. He says to Nimmi that its very good news and i will be very happy when Soumya will die.

Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Update:

Surbhi says to her father that stop saying all this. Maninder (Soumya’s Father) says to Surbhi that are you become elder? How dare you talk to her father like that. Surbhi says to Maninder that Soumya is your daughter, accept this truth. Maninder says that no she is not. Doctor informs everyone that one blood group is matched with Soumya’s Blood group. Harak Singh (Harman’s Father) asks from doctor that who is that person. Doctor tells his name is Maninder Singh. Maninder and Vimmi shocked to listen this. Maninder is not ready to give his blood group to Soumya. He says that he is not giving his blood at any cost to Soumya.

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