Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode 144 Update

Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode 144, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Suddenly, Harak Singh gets a call from the hospital and then comes to know about Harman’s accident. He shouts very badly to start the car and let’s go. Preeto is also sitting there and asks him what happened? What is going on? He replies that Harman meets with an accident and we have to go from here. She says ok let’s go fast.

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Soumya also hears the same. Harak Singh, Preeto, Chacha ji, and Varun are going to see him. Soumya is screaming a lot and then says I also want to go with you. Please take me away. But they are going from there by leaving here there. Click here-> Shakti 7th December 2016 written update. Soumya is crying a lot and makes a lot of request to them. Please take me with you.

Raavi says that we have no time for your drama. So please don’t tell me anything. Shanno Chachi is coming there and puts her hand on Soumya’s shoulder. Soumya says to her that they didn’t take me with them. Please do something. Shanno says that you are not a wife, if you are a wife then you pray to god to save Harman’s life. But to become a wife it’s important to be a female first because you are a kinnar. Soumya feels so bad and she is coming inside the home.

Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode 144:

She prays to Mata Rani and says to her to please my Harman ji now and please don’t do anything  with him. My love is pious for him, so that you have to save his life at any cost. After some time, she is making a call to Harman but his number is going to be switched off. She is making a call to Raavi but she is not picking her call. After this, she thinks that whom will she make a call.

After that, she makes a call to Preeto but she is not taking Soumya’s call. This makes Soumya tensed and worried. She thinks that she have to talk to Shanno about this matter. She is coming in Shanno’s room where she is eating food. She scolds Soumya very badly and says her to go out from her room. She scolds Soumya very badly. Soumya says that nobody is taking my call. You have some information or not. Shanno sends her from there.

Soumya is coming back into her room and makes a call to Surbhi. She informs her about Harman’s accident and tells her to check out about Harman that how is he? Where is he? Surbhi says that you don’t worry, please gets relax. Soumya says that how am I getting normal, I am Harman’s wife then who will get worry? Surbhi says that please you just relax, let me find out something for you. Soumya says ok to her.

Here Surbhi tells Nani about Harman’s accident. After this, she makes a call to everyone but nobody is taking her call. Surbhi says that I am going from here to find out jeeju that how is he? Maninder comes there and says her that you don’t know that where he met with an accident? Where is he? Then, where will you find out him. All over they stops Surbhi from going anywhere. Here Shanno is talking to herself that she prays to god for Harman’s death or not?

Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Harman is coming back to the home with Preeto and Harak Singh. Soumya is coming there and then try to see Harman. Preeto catches her inside and says her to stay away from Harman and not to come near to him. Soumya makes a request to Preeto that I want to see him once a time. Then, I won’t go near to him. Preeto says no, not one time. You never come in front of him. Soumya is crying a lot and decides to meet Harman at any cost.

Herev Preeto and all other people are going in Harman’s room where a doctor says him to take rest for some days. But he is searching someone else. Preeto sees him and thinks that he is searching Soumya but she decides to stay Soumya away from her at any cost. Preeto says to Doctor to give a painkiller to Harman, due to which  he will get sleep easily. Doctor says that I told you that he have to stay in the hospital for more 3 or 4 days. But you people forced me to give discharge him. But you have to take care of him.

Harak says Preeto to come and lets Harman to take rest. Preeto says that I will stay here and you may now. Harak Singh says that you may stay here. In the night, Preeto is coming out from the room. Here Shanno is making bad comments and her husband is scolding her very badly. Here Soumya is coming in Harman’s room silently.

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