Shakti 8th November 2016 Written Episode 122 Update

Shakti 8th November 2016 Written Episode 122 Update, written episode on

The Colors Shakti Written Update will show that when Harman, Soumya, and Mallika are coming to know about the Soumya that Rani and Raveena gave Soumya in some goons’ hand and they will send Soumya to abroad  after some time. So that Harman and Surbhi are making a plan to go behind Soumya and goons just to find out her and brings her back to home. Here Harak Singh is making a full proof plan to find out Harman Singh.

Here Rani and Raveena are laughing a lot on Harman’s bad condition that how he is roaming here and there for searching out Soumya. But they are giving some hint to Harman to get Soumya back. Here a man is taking Soumya in the car. But he gets someone’s phone call of changing a vehicle and then take a public transport. Soumya is getting restless.

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Here Mahi is getting angry and says to Preeto that you told me half truth. She threatens Preeto by saying that you didn’t wrong with me by doing all this, if Harman will not come back then I will not leave you easily, I will blame you for ruining my life. Here Harman stops the car. Surbhi asks what happened? Why are you stopping this car? Harman says Harak singh ordered all police to find out me.

Shakti 8th November 2016 Written Episode 122 Update:

So it’s difficult to go further in this car and in this dress. He says that, our travel will get more and more difficult further. So you just get ready. Surbhi says that you don’t worry, I am with you and I can do anything to find out di. Mallika is also sitting there.

Here Harak Singh is getting angry and says to Police officer that what type of Police officer you are? In a full night, you are unable to find out one car, Your time starts now and I want my soon as soon as possible. After this, Harak singh is going from there. Here Harman says to Mallika to arrange some simple clothes for us. Mallika says ok.

After some time, Harman and Surbhi are wearing simple clothes and takes a lift by a truck. Here a police barrier is coming in between. Then, the Truck driver stops the truck. Harman asks him what happened? Why you stop this truck?

Here Goons are taking Soumya to Delhi via bus. Here all police officers are checking out all vehicle  which are going to Delhi. Whereas Goons and Soumya are sitting in a bus. Harman and Surbhi are coming out from the truck and starts to check out Soumya in a bus. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight. Harman, Surbhi, and Mallika are coming there to check out her.

But they are unable to find out her. But they are sitting in the same bus. Here Mahi is sitting alone and thinking about her marriage. Varun is coming there. He asks what happened? It’s very bad, whatever happened to you. Here Preeto is coming to Nimmi’s home and she bursts out on Nimmi very badly. Preeto says to Nimmi to make a call to Surbhi and tells her to send my son back at home, I am so worried for him.

Shakti 8th November 2016 Written Episode:

Preeto says to her that your daughter is kinnar, please accept this. Nimmi says I know it’s not good for Harman to go like this. Preeto says that if you left your kinnar daughter in the childhood and then, all this will never get happen like this. Nimmi cries a lot and says that I am so worried about my daughter, even I am not able to talk to her. Only two girls were coming here and took my daughter away.

Preeto gets shocked to hear this, two girls were coming here to take my daughter away. Nimmi says have you some information about them. Preeto says you are responsible for this bad condition of Soumya. Even those tow girls are Rani and Raveena who will sned Soumya to another country. Nimmi gets shocked.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam why what happened to you why you are not giving reply to our comments I my friends my family members all our waiting for you reply please read all the messages .
    Sanaya mam Harman says that sowmya is friend for him but once also he did not remember her has his wife.and once again Harman and sowmya missing scene is not nice to see .Harman search for sowmya but in that no energy .and we fans feel that Harman is totally hopeless and he is restless he believe s is mother preeto blindly and once side mahi but we fans feel only surbi loves sowmya truly and cries for her we feel that surbi is not sister for sowmya she is mother for her really the director brought sister sentiment super it was nice to see but why we can’t feel harman s love for sowmya.sanaya mam to say truly we fans cant understand the story please answer for this question will harak sing accept sowmya and support her? Will surbi take revenge with preeto?it is must that surbi should take revenge with preeto this is fans wish ?will Harman realise is love that he can’t live with out sowmya?after bringing sowmya back will Harman take her to hospital to check her she is a gay or not ?will he give any treatment for her if he do like this than the audience also will no if a child is a gay we can give treatment and make them as a normal girl .will Harman break sowmyas relationship as his mother preetos wish ?or he will accept her and her love ?sanaya mam it is must you should answer for our question .we fans our totally disappointed because as a hero Harman did not solve one problem also and he can’t take a decision and he don’t no what is wrong and what his right in the beginning Harman and sowmya love story was so nice to see and we fans this his love but now we can’t feel anything their is no pepper and salt ii this love story .to be Frank shakthi serial is love story but we fans cant find love in this story .the title of the serial is sakthi which shakthi is going to help Harman and sowmya love and which shakthi is going to make Harman and sowmya together

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