Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update on

The serial begins with that Harman says to Maninder to give blood to Soumya because she is very serious. Maninder is not ready to give his blood group to Soumya. He says that he is not giving his blood at any cost to Soumya. Harman force him to give blood because only Maninder’s blood group is matched in all. Harak Singh( Harman’s Father) also request Maninder that give blood to her. She is your daughter, please save her. Surbhi comes and make everyone understand the reason of not donating his blood to Soumya.Surbhi says that my father is High BP patient, that’s why he is tensed to think about Soumya’s health. He thinks that may be due to his disease, Soumya suffers. But Harak Singh says to Surbhi that Doctor confirm us that Maninder is eligible to give blood. Harak Singh takes Maninder inside the ward and says him to save her.

Maninder recumbance on bed to give blood and memorize all things. Maninder always says that he will never accept Soumya as his daughter. Surbhi said to Maninder that you have to accept Soumya one day. Maninder lies down from bed to memorize all this. Nimmi shocks to see Maninder. Harak Singh tell Preeto that doctor treats Soumya. I think we all have to go to home and take some rest. Harman says to Nimmi that you also go with them. Harak Singh offers Nimmi that he will drop her with Surbhi and Maninder at their home.But Nimmi is not ready to go. She says that she will be here until Soumya become conscious. Harak Singh says fine and go away.

Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update:

Harman says to Nimmi and Surbhi that i will going to take tea for you both. Harman goes from there to buy tea. Nurse come to Nimmi and say her to purchase medicines for Soumya. Surbhi takes doctor slip and go to purchase medicine. Nimmi sees that kinner lady comes. Kinner lady says to Nimmi that the truth came in front of Soumya.

Surbhi says to Kinner lady that Soumya di will never goes with. Surbhi says that Soumya di is always living with yes. We can’t give her to you neither today nor tomorrow. Surbhi says that before my mother is alone but now i am with my mother. Nobody separate my di(Soumya) from us. Kinner lady says to Nimmi that Surbhi is child but you are mature, you have to work wisely. Kinner lady says to Nimmi that why are you not understanding that what you have to face due to Soumya in Future. When people will know about the reality of Soumya. Surbhi says to that kinner lady to go from here.

Nimmi enters in that ward where Soumya admits. Nimmi says to Soumya that please open your eyes Puttar. When Soumya is trying to open her eyes, She reminds everything which is said by that kinner lady. Harman and Surbhi is also present there. Nimmi says to Soumya that she doesn’t think about anything, we all are with you. Harman says Sorry to Gulabo (Soumya). Harman says to Soumya that get well soon, we have to go back to home. But Soumya doesn’t want to talk to Harman, She is not ready to accept her reality. Soumya thinks about her past when her father (Maninder) pinch her. He did not want that Soumya was staying with us.

Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Update:

Due to Soumya, Nimmi had ready to take divorce from Maninder when Maninder said that Soumya never live with us. Nimmi says to Harman that Soumya should take rest. Harman goes away from this ward. Nimmi says to Soumya that we are with you. Soumya asks from her mother(Nimmi) that why you did all this? Nimmi says that i will protect you whenever i am alive. Soumya says that you want to take me a part of your life but this is not my life. I am not belongs from this world. Soumya says to Nimmi and Surbhi that when i am not giving happiness to anyone then why did you marry me? Soumya says that i am not a girl and i will not make happy to my life partner. Whole word is not ready to accept me. Soumya says that kinner lady has opened my eyes and aware me from the truth.

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