Shakti 9th December 2016 Written Episode 145 Update

Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode 145, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya is going in Harman’s room to see him. Soumya is sitting near to Harman and talks to him. But he is sleeping and then Soumya says that god does a good work to send you in my life. I am so lucky to have you into my life. She feels so good to sit with him. Here Varun sees Surbhi 3 miss calls. He thinks how he missed her calls.

He makes a call to Surbhi and then starts to flirt with her. She asks about Harman’s health. But he is not replying clearly and trying to do flirt with her. Surbhi asks how is jeeju? He says Harman is alright and he is sleeping in his room. Surbhi cuts the calls and then thinks that she have to inform Soumya about this. She makes a call to Soumya but she is not taking her calls.

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Here Preeto is sitting and thinking about Harman. Harak Singh is getting up and says that I am so worried and wants to call a Doctor first. I want to ask┬áhim about Harman that nothing is serious. Preeto makes him relax and says that you don’t worry everything is alright. We will talk to Doctor tomorrow. After this, Preeto doesn’t get her phone in the room.

She says to Harak Singh to make a call on her number. Her phone is ringing in Harman’s room where Soumya gets scared to see the ringing phone. She is trying to go there but her saree is getting stuck with the bed where she is sitting near to Harman. Preeto is coming there and she is about to open the door. Suddenly, Chacha is coming there and says to her to check out the details of expenses of the hospital.

Shakti 9th December 2016 Written Episode 145:

She says that we will see it in the morning time. He says that I will go for the important work tomorrow morning. If you are ok then, we will see this expense in tomorrow’s night. Preeto says let me check now. Finally, Preeto is going from there. Soumya feels relax and then she is also going from there. In the next day morning, Preeto, Raavi, and Chachi are coming there.

They are bringing a breakfast there. Harman is looking for Soumya. Raavi is making comments like she called Soumya 4 times but she didn’t come here. Don’t know why. Varun comes there and says that what happened f she didn’t come here. Bhai will go there to meet her. Harman says that why will I go there. Is she is not coming here then I won’t go there. After this, He says to all to leave him alone for the some time.

Shakti 9th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Harman is getting a clue that Soumya was coming here to meet me. I am feeling so good. He comes to know that she needs me but she doesn’t come here because of all people. He decides that he will meet Soumya and says sorry to her whenever he will get alright. Here Harak is talking to Dr. Sood. He says that I am feeling bad to see Harman’s pain. So you please give some more tablets and makes him alright. Soumya hears it and thinks about the soup which her nani was making for them. She is making a soup. Preeto is coming there.

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