Shakti 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th January 2017 Written Episode, written update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Harman is going on the terrace where she sees Soumya on the wall without any blanket. He asks what are you doing this Soumya? Soumya replies that you are not hearing my wish and you won’t hear my wish. I know very well that you will never get agree with my decision. So that I  am coming here and do whatever I want to do with my life. Harman scolds her. But Soumya put a chilled water on her. Harman gets shocked and then asks what can I do? What about Subrhi’s dreams or life? What? Can you tell me? Soumya says that she is ready and only you are not ready yet. Soumya added that if he will meet Surbhi then she will easily stay in this house else nobody will tolerate her in his house. Harman gets ready to marry Surbhi. Next day, Soumya is going to Maninder’s house with a shogun. Maninder asks what is this? Soumya says that I am coming here with shogun for Subrhi’s marriage with my husband Harman. Maninder shouts very badly. Read more-> Shakti 10th January 2017 written update

Shakti 9th January 2017 Written Update:

Here Maninder is getting angry a lot and asks her what is going on? He scolds Soumya very badly. But Nani supports her and takes her inside. She is giving a kheer to Soumya and asks her, do you like the kheer or not? Soumya says that kheer is so tasty. Here Harman is coming to meet Surbhi and says her to say no for this relationship. But Surbhi is recalling everything and she says that I will marry you because I am stuck in the situation.

Maninder is coming at Harak Singh’s house and shouts a lot. He calls Harak Singh and Preeto outside. He says that why are you playing a game with my family. Why? I know you are rich people and it doesn’t mean that I will not seond my daughter here. Harak says him to get relax and talks politely. Preeto is coming there and says that we are so rich people. We are having a lot of property and money. Even my son is having so many opportunities for getting marry to girls. But here I want your daughter Surbhi at my home. Harak says that if your daughter was becoming kinnar thne it is not my fault, if she wan’t kinnar then she will enjoy here a lot. But now she is kinnar and that’s why we can’t accept her. So that we are talking to you about Surbhi’s marriage. Maninder is getting shocked to hear all this. He gets silent and doesn’t say anything. Viren is coming there with a pandit and sits him there.

Shakti 9 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

Here Surbhi is coming back to the home and talks to Nani about the matter. Subrhi says that I am so happy because my marriage is going to happen finally. It’s amazing. Nani says that I understand you my princess that what are you thinking now? How are you feeling this time? Surbhi says that people takesit wrong but I know very well that I have to sacrifice my life for my sister. Nani is giving an emotionals support to her. Here Preeto is taunting Soumya by saying that when you came, I was so happy because I didn’t know that you are a kinnar. But now the real marriage is going to happen, Surbhi is coming at this home. So you will decorate this home as soon as possible with your own hands.

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