Shakti 9th November 2016 Written Episode 123 Update

Shakti 9th November 2016 Written Episode 123 Update, written episode on

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Nimmi is getting shocked to see this bad behavior of Preeto. She gets a heart attack and then falling down in her beeji’s arms. After to hear or see all this, Maninder is getting shocked to see this condition of Nimmi. Here Harman, Surbhi, and Mallika are talking to each other about Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik. They are thinking that how will they find out her as soon as possible. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Here Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik is crying a lot but she is not saying anything. Beeji says that I have to make a call to Surbhi. But Nimmi stops her from doing this. She says to Beeji that you will take care of my both daughters. Even you will say to Soumya that when I will get die then I will always with Soumya.

Nimmi says that you please tell all this my daughter Soumya. Beeji is crying a lot and says that please don’t say all this, you have to live and says all this to Soumya at your own. Nimmi replies that I have not much time, so please you will say all this to Surbhi and Soumya from my side.

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Maninder and Bebe are also coming there. She says to all that I was wrong that I forced you all to accept my Soumya. But you doesn’t accept her and you never fulfill my this wish yet. Even you are a good father of Surbhi but you are very bad for my Soumya. Nimmi added that I am wrong and I was always wrong at my place.

Shakti 9th November 2016 Written Episode 122 Update:

After to say all this, Nimmi is getting die. He gets shattered to see her death. Beeji says that you are not doing anything wrong. Even you were a good mother, wife, and a daughter too. Suddenly, Beeji comes to know and she screams. Here Soumya cries a lot and tries to run away. But kidnapper stops him from standing up the seat.

Here Maninder is coming near to Nimmi and sits near to her. He id not ready to believe that she is dead. Maninder is going from there and sits on his bed. Bebe is also going with her. Here Beeji is talking to Nimmi’s dead body. Actually, she is not ready to trust this. Here Harman is getting restless. Surbhi asks what happened jeeju? Harman says I am getting restless.

Shakti 9th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Soumya and kidnappers are leaving that bus and comes out from there. Harman and Surbhi are going from there in a bus. Here a car is coming to take Soumya with it. Here they brings Soumya at a home where some other girls are also kept by them. Soumya screams. Kidnappers slaps her very badly.

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  1. revathi

    Hi sanaya mam had you dinner why what happen to you why you are not giving reply for our messages I miss you very much .and my friend and family members asking me what reply did sanaya mam gave for your questions but I didn’t say anything to them we all our waiting for your reply continuesly from November 3 I am not getting your reply
    Sanaya mam today’s episode harman miss sowmya in bus .and nimmi dies why what is this .this is big shock for fans only nimmi love s sowmya truly after this who will take care of sowmya and because of preeto s rude words only nimmi die will preeto realise is fault will Harman come to no that because of his mother preeto only nimmi died? Will Harman punish his mother preeto? Will surbi take revenge with preeto? Will surbi teach a lesson to preeto ? Now nimmi died after this will surbi become mother for sowmya and stand for her ?will nimmis death change maninder has a good father for sowmya? After this if manindra did not realise is fault than the story will be boring?and we fans accept more from the director and Mahi character is not needed in the story .and when we see nimmi remember sowmya and crys for her and she request manindra to accept sowmya it was awesome and we got tears and we fans will miss nimmi very much .the director shows mother sentiment and sister sentiment correctly and it was nice to see but why he is not showing us Harman and sowmya love story we fans request the director to add more love and affection in between Harman and sowmya and mahi is not needed in between Harman and sowmya love story mahi character is not necessary in the story please give sprit to Harman and sowmya love we fans are waiting sanaya mam i kindly request you to answer these questions I am waiting for your reply please

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