Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Ki Upcoming: Harman Encourages Soumya (Gulabo) for their rights

Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Ki Upcoming: Harman Encourages Soumya (Gulabo) for their rights on

Forthcoming Update: The upcoming Episode of Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Ki will show that Harman (Vivian Dsena) will be going in his room to meet Soumya because he had not meet since her arrival. Soumya is alone in that room. Harman will lock the room and try to touch Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). But Soumya will get away from there. Soumya will say to Harman that there has to be a woman to be the wife. Harman (Vivian Dsena) will say to Soumya that I do not understand the meaning of your words. In last episode, Nimmi (Reena Kapoor) requested Soumya to stay 16 days in Harman home but she is not ready.

Soumya is mentally disturbed after knowing about their truth of Transgender. Soumya wants to go far away from Harman because she know that Harman loves her by heart. Harman promised that he will be with his Gulabo (Soumya) in any trouble. He never leaves Soumya alone. Nimmi wants this because if Soumya is not staying here for 16 days, SAYA will take Soumya in her world.

Shakti Astitva Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Latest News:

Surbhi cry and talk to Soumya that we all leave this place after 16 days and go far from everyone. After hearing this, Soumya is ready to try to stay in Harman’s Home. Soumya will inform to Harman that you have to make distance from me. Harman will ask the reason of their sadness because Harman is very worried to take her Gulabo (Rubina Dilaik) like that. Soumya will cry and tell him the truth. She will say him that she is KINNER. Harman is shocked to hear Soumya’s word. Harman is in dilemma and fall down on the bed. Harman will be asking Soumya that how can she say herself Kinner? Soumya will crying and say that this is the reality of my life. She will tell him that she is also not aware about her transgender truth.

Harman Encourages Soumya (Gulabo):

Soumya says to Harman that this is the reason of cutting my veins. Because I do not want to live anymore and not to spoil your life. Soumya will inform Harman that she will be going far away from Harman’s Family. Soumya will tell Harman everything which is happened with her from childhood. Harman will take time to accept the truth of Soumya but he remembers his promise which he gave at the time of marriage. Harman will be saying to Soumya that I will never break my promise to make you happy always and to be yours. He wil also tell to Soumya that I loves you as before as now. He will say to Gulabo that I will help you to get their rights in this world. Harman will say to Soumya that you should fight for their rights, even though this world is not with you.

Will Soumya ready to live with Harman rather he accepts her?

Will Soumya get the same status as a woman takes?

Will Harman be with Soumya when Harman’s Family knows about Soumya truth?

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