Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Harman Brings Soumya Back, Big War Amid Nimmi & Maninder, Surbhi Supports Nimmi

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Harman Brings Soumya Back, Big War Amid Nimmi & Maninder, Surbhi Supports Nimmi on

The One of the high TRP show of Colors Channel which is very innovative and different too. This story aware us with all the difficulties of Kinnar’s life that how they get humiliates and mortify by the society all the time. In this show, Rubina Dilaik is playing a character of Soumya who is a kinnar in the show. So that, there will be a big drama in Harak Singh’s house amid Harman Singh, Harak Singh, and Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi.

In the upcoming episode of Shakti, Harman Singh will bring Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) back into his home. Whereas Harak Singh and Preeto will be getting shocked to see this. Actually, Preeto threw Soumya out from her home by the help of Maninder and Saya. But now when she comes back, she will not believe on this. She will scold Harman for doing this. Even Harak Singh bursts out at Harman Singh very badly. Read here Shakti 7th Sep 2016 written update

Shakti Upcoming Episode Update: Harman Brings Soumya Back, Harak & Preeto Gets Shocked

On the other side, Saya was also getting so happy to take Soumya with her finally because she tried to do this from Soumya’s childhood but Nimmi protected her all the time and saved Soumya from kinnar’s hand. Finally, Saya got Soumya in her hand and decides not to give permission to her to go anywhere. But she doesn’t know Harman will come like an air and flew Soumya with him.

But that time, when Harman came to know about Soumya that Preeto threw her out from the home. He was getting angry and asked her so many times about Soumya’s location. But Preeto didn’t tell him. So that Harman Singh took a vow to bring Soumya back to home from anywhere. That time Preeto and Harak Singh was getting shocked. Preeto prayed to god not to bring Soumya in front of Harman ever.  But Harman will bring Soumya back into his home.

Shakti Upcoming Episode News: Argument Amid Nimmi and Maninder, Maninder Slaps Nimmi

In previous tracks, Nimmi went to Harak Singh’s house and came to know about everything. Harak Singh also bursts on her very badly and blamed her for ruining his status by hiding this truth. Nimmi was trying to say the truth. But nobody was ready to trust her. So that Harman controlled the situation by taking Nimmi’s side. He said to all that Nimmi was tried to tell everything to us but we didn’t give a chance to her to say anything before marriage.

But if Soumya was a bad girl then she never told me the truth. Even she told me everything on our first night. All over, Harman controlled the situation. Nimmi and Surbhi came back to their home. In the upcoming episode, Nimmi will confront Maninder and asks him about Soumya. Maninder will confess that he helped Preeto and Saya in catching Soumya.

Nimmi will be getting angry and starts to beat him very badly. But Maninder will get out of control and he will start to beat Nimmi. Surbhi will come in between them and blames Maninder as a bad father. She will say so many bad words to him. Maninder will feel very bad. But Surbhi will support Nimmi all the time which makes Maninder angry. Let see what will happen when Nimmi will come to know that Harman brings Soumya back to home.

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  1. revathi

    Harman fights with guruma and brings sowmya back with him it is right has a true lover and has a husband what Harman did is correct.and Harman will teach a lesson to his mother preeto and his family and Harman will prove his love is true and no one can sperate sowmya from him.Harman and sowmya love is very strong.Harman you are hero.Harman go an prove your love to sowmya she is waiting for you

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