Shakti: Guru Maa Handover Soumya to Harman Witnessing Harman’s Love, Soumya Feels Felicitous

Shakti Upcoming News: Guru Maa Handover Soumya to Harman Witnessing Harman’s Love, Soumya Feels Felicitous on

Are you getting agog to watch out Soumya and Harman together after a long interval of time? Will Guruma give Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand? Will Preeto accept Soumya for Harman’s happiness? Will Harman accept Soumya as his wife? There are so many questions which may arise in every viewer or a big fan of this show.

Here we are going to tell you the Shakti Serial Upcoming Story, where you will come to know that Guruma will handover Soumya  aka Rubina Dilaik to Harman aka Vivian Dsena after seeing Harman’s intense and deep love for Soumya. Even though Mallika will try to stop Soumya but Guruma’s order will force her to leave Soumya’s hand.

So therefore, there will be a lot of tragedical and high voltage drama will happen amid Soumya and Harman. In the upcoming track, so many goons will go to the temple and surround it by following Preeto’s orders. They will be coming there just to kidnap Soumya.

However, Harman will not let it happen and saves Soumya from the goons by beating them very badly. Hence they get re-unite. Guruma will also come there with all other kinnars. Mallika will also there. They will witness love in Harman’s eyes only for Soumya.

Shakti Upcoming News 2016: Guruma Handover Soumya makes Everyone Surprize

After to see a deep love in Harman’s eyes only for Soumya, she will get emotional and ready to handover Soumya to him forever. Due to which, Mallika, Rani, Raveena, Kareena, and all other kinnars will be getting shocked. Guruma says that Harman is such a nice person who goes beyond limits just to bring Soumya back into his life. This is s true love.

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So that, it would be interesting to watch how Guruma will take a decision to handover Soumya? How will she make her mind for doing this? How will other kinnars react on this? What will happen with Soumya when she will hear Guruma’s decision. It’s fabulous  to watch out this show daily.

Shakti Upcoming Serial Updates October 2016:

  1. Soumya and Harman re-unite
  2. Surbhi finds out Preeto is an informer
  3. Harman will punish Preeto
  4. Harman will accept Soumya

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