Shakti Latest Update: Soumya (Gulabo)-Harman First Wedding Night, Soumya Gets Scared

Shakti Updates Soumya (Gulabo)-Harman First Wedding Night, Soumya Gets Scared on

Your favorite couple Soumya and Harman are passing through a very critical phase of their life in which Harman is seeing a lot of dreams for his married life. On the other side, Soumya came to know about her reality that she is not a normal girl, she is transgender. So that’s why she is feeling so bad to think about Harman feelings.

When Soumya came to know that she is transgender. She cut her wrist and then family members admitted her into the hospital just to save Soumya’s life. But all family members are getting shocked to think that why Soumya did this. Harman thinks that he is not able to make her happy, so that’s why she was doing this.

But Nimmi and Surbhi are looking so upset and scared. Preeto is trying to find out the reason behind this decision of Soumya. Harman thinks that he was about to celebrate his first wedding night and then Soumya did this. Harman is getting so upset to think about Soumya’s bad condition.

But after some time when Soumya is coming in conscious state and feels good. Then, all people decides to bring Soumya back to the home where Harak Singh, Harman Singh, all other family members are getting so happy to see Soumya at home safely. They welcome Soumya with their big hearts. Harak Singh says to Soumya that you have to take care of yourself only.

Soumya (Gulabo)-Harman First Wedding Night:

But in upcoming episodes of Shakti, Harman will plan his first wedding night with Soumya and he calls Soumya as gulabo. When Soumya, Nimmi, and Surbhi will come back from the hospital and comes into Harman’s room where they get a fully decorated room with a lot of flowers and candles. Soumya cries a lot.

Soumya will say to Nimmi that, do you see these flowers which are here. Harman Singh decorated room with his love and emotions but what can I give in return to him. Suddenly, Harman Singh will come there and then says that I need your love only and nothing else. After some time, Harman Singh says to Soumya that I am planning our first wedding night today. But when Harman will come there and try to touch Soumya.

Soumya reply to him that I am not a normal girl, I am a kinner. Harman gets shocked. Let see what he will do? Will he leave Soumya forever or accept her. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight.

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