Shakti Upcoming News: Navratri Brings Harman & Soumya Together After a Long Time, Preeto Gets Shatter

Shakti Upcoming News: Navratri Brings Harman & Soumya Together After a Long Time, Preeto Gets Shatter on

Do you want to see Harman and Soumya together again? As we are watching here, Preeto is trying hard to separate Harman aka Vivian Dsena and Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik from each other. So that she tracked Soumya every time and threatens her very badly. But Soumya is not ready to understand anything. She is trying again, and again to inform her family members especially Surbhi and Harman about her location.

But in the¬†previous track, Harman Singh and Surbhi was trying hard to find out Soumya as soon as possible. They got the clue like she is in Bhatinda. So that, they reached there to find out her. But they didn’t get her because Guruma hide her. Soumya tried hard to come in front of them, but Guruma was playing hard to stop her. Mallika also supported Guruma.

Apart from this, Preeto told to Harman that I am giving a time till Navratri will get finish. Till then you may find out Soumya. If you will not find out her before last Navratra then you will not go anywhere else to find out her. That day will be your last day for her. Harman said ok and he started to find out Soumya with the help of Surbhi. Read here Shakti 3rd October 2016 written update.

Shakti Upcoming News: Harman & Surbhi Saves Soumya from going to Bangkok:

Here Soumya made a call to Harman. But Preeto took her call and came to know about her location. She reached there and scold her very badly. So that Rani and Raveena decided to make money from Preeto nu sending Soumya to Bangkok. They discussed their plan with Preeto and then she got ready to support them. But in an upcoming episode of Shakti, Rani and Raveena will sell Soumya in Bangkok.

Even though, Guruma and Mallika won’t have any information about this. Surbhi and Harman will try hard to find out her. Preeto gets so happy because she knows everything about Soumya that she will go to Bangkok soon. Due to which, she will get her son back. But due to Mata Rani’s blessings. Surbhi and Harman will save Soumya from Rani and Raveena.

But here Preeto will think that Harman will never find out her and Navratra’s will also get finish. Thereafter, Harman will come back forever. But she doesn’t know, Mata Rani will help Soumya and Harman. They will re-unite again. In the last, Harman will handover Soumya to Nimmi finally. Maninder and Beeji will be getting upset by Soumya’s re-entry in their house.

Will Preeto handle the situation?

Will Rani and Raveen disclose Preeto’s games?

Will Harman come to know Preeto’s real face?

Will Harak support Preeto in saving Harman from Soumya reminisces?

Stay tuned with us. We will update here all latest, upcoming, forthcoming, and Shakti written updates from Monday to Friday at Colors Channel. Keep checking out all updates of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Serial.


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  1. revathi

    We fans are very much disappointed because all the time Harman miss sowmya.still now Harman did not no that his mother preeto is Spey .than when Harman will come to no preetos real face. and I asked a question in every comments but I din get reply sanaya mam atlease you answer to fans questions we fans don’t like surbi coming in between Harman and sowmya life if you bring surbi in harmans life than the hole serial will be spoiled ?the director still he did not understand what we fans say he should see the serial from the beginning than he will come to no what fans say and why we want Harman and sowmya love back .title of the serial is shakthi what is the meaning ?will for get sowmya and agree for second marriage ?will surbi cheat sowmya by taking her place or she will stand for her sister rights? please answer to the questions because when we read the update s we fans are totally confused please clear our douts please read this message and consider this we fans want clear answer for this question will varun marry surbi as fans wish ?From October 3 i have sent many message for you and I din get reply sanaya mam I am waiting for your reply

  2. Saranya

    Look this is love story how husband supporting his wife not 2 wives story for 1 husband that will ruin the love even after if surbhi is gone if harman marry surbhi then u can’t change the story plot forever then trp rate will also fall I’m sure in marriage just change it instead of harman replace varun that’s it pls don’t join harman surbhi haya forever

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