Shakti Upcoming News: Preeto Try to Unfold Soumya’s Mystery, Harman Saves Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik

Shakti Upcoming News: Preeto Try to Unfold Soumya’s Mystery, Harman Saves Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik on

Are you getting curious to see when Soumya’s truth will get unfold in front of Harman’s family? As we see there are a¬†number of viewers of Shakti Colors Channel Show. But somewhere they are not happy with this, they wanted that Harman accepts Soumya and not to tell anything to his family. But guys, it’s not a small thing to hide. Soumya is a transgender and this truth shattered Harman aka Vivian Dsena very badly.

But when Nimmi and Surbhi came to know about this. They were falling in Harman’s foot and requests him to hide this truth only for 15 days but after 15 days, we will take Soumya from here for always. Harman says that it’s ok, I will take care of Soumya for next coming days. Nimmi and Surbhi left Harman’s house after to handover Soumya to her.

But after this, Harman’s odd attitude-behavior towards Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik creates a lot of tension in Harak Singh and Preeto’s mind. This thing triggers Preeto to find out the truth or the problem which is lying in between Soumya and Harman because they are newly married couple but they are not loving as newly married.

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Shakti Upcoming News 2016- Harman Saves Soumya from Preeto’s Attacks

Preeto thinks that there is something cooking in between Harman (Vivian Dsena) and Soumya (Rubina Dilaik). She thinks a lot and but doesn’t catch anything which is responsible for this odd behavior of Harman towards Soumya. She thinks that what is the problem which os spoiling the relation of this newly married couple.

Harman is trying to control his anger but sometimes he scolds Soumya very badly in front of all family members which may creates a lot of tension in Preeto’s mind, she thinks that why Harman is getting so upset from Soumya’s side, even though she is her choice and after that he is not happy with him.

So that, it will create a high voltage drama amid Harman and Preeto. Harman is neglecting Preeto’s doubts all the time, it’s his habit from the childhood days. He may create a lot of tension in Preeto’s mind by showing his bad behavior towards his newly wedding wife. He scolds her instead of loving her. So that Preeto decides to unfold the truth as soon as possible.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Upcoming Episode Story: Harman’s Rescue Mission

But when Harman will feel that Preeto is having doubt on Soumya then he decides that he will save Soumya at any cost. So that, it will create a high voltage drama in between Harman and Preeto aka Kamya Punjabi. Guys it would be interesting to watch out when Harman will save Soumya from Preeto’s attacks and all. This thing will bring love amid Soumya and Harman. Maybe it will happen.

Have some patience for the next upcoming news of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. This show is getting too much interesting day by day. Now only Harman knew her truth that she is a transgender and nobody else will know about this. But very soon, Harman’s family will come to know Soumya’s kinnar truth which will create a big drama in Harak singh’s house.


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  1. revathi

    Shakthi serial you hided sowmyas truth for 21 years from the society. Harman knows sowmyas truth she didn’t hide anything with Harman .so Harman should help sowmya .he can save her from his mother and family by hiding sowmyas truth .why the director is not thinking of Harman’s love. In husband and wife relationship we can hide anything because it is very strong relationship no one can find out please go with fans wishes we can understand what the director says but we tell the director to create a new love story. Harman and sowmya chemistry is awesome they are excellent actors .create the story how the fans accept don’t break our hearts if the director cannot accept our comments why then you ask us to leave our comments .

    • Hi Revathi, thanks for leaving this comment here. We appreciate your views and don’t worry. Harman and Soumya will be together soon in the show. Harman starts to like her. But you have to wait for that episode. Till then you enjoy the show.

  2. revathi

    I saw the updates of shakthi serial. as a sister surbi is standing for sowmya and fighting for her when we see that we feel that even we should live for our sisters. you asked us a question that will surbi take sowmyas place. surbi is fighting for sowmya rights suddenly surbi changes it is like cheating sowmya no sister will do this if surbi takes sowmya place than what is the use of fighting for her and standing for her. if no one understands for sowmya their is no problem but a sister should understand for sowmya and understand her feelings please don’t spoil the relationship please try to respect the one relationship is very very important in every ones life .we accept your serial because we respect them. still we can’t feel that Harman loves sowmya or he have only soft conner .let the director show the love story clearly we fans want to see a different love story .when we see Harman and sowmya we feel they are made for each other in this love story please don’t interfere surbi. and varun loves surbi why the director is not giving important s to varun and surbi love story .we fans have many questions to the director and we fans request the director that don’t bring surbi in between Harman and sowmya love story please read this message and consider this message .the director should think before he writes the story .we fans our very disappointed by seeing Harman and sowmya love breakup
    first love is the best love
    true love gives pain but it will not die
    love is blind but it is true
    love is a feel let Harman and sowmya feel their love.we fans accept some new love let Harman and sowmya love story be an example for this society.I am waiting for your reply

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