Shakti Upcoming Story August 2016: Harman Accepts Soumya with her Transgender Truth

Harman Accepts Soumya with her Transgender Truth in Shakti Upcoming Story August 2016 on

The Upcoming Episodes of Shakti- Kahani Astitva Ke Ehsas Ki will show that Soumya aka Rubina Dilaik will be getting completely depressed after her real identity that she is a kinnar. She will not ready to accept her reality, so that’s why she will cut her wrist very badly by locking herself in the room.

Soumya will recalls all the words which were said by Saya in her childhood that she will never live a happily married normal life. But Nimmi and Surbhi gave a full support to Soumya. They said to Soumya that you don’t worry we will protect you from the society.

So that’s why, Soumya recalls her marriage with Harman and then she decides to cut the wrist because she is not ready to face all family members especially Harman. But Harman will be getting break down badly after to see Soumya’s bad health. He admits Soumya in the hospital.

But when Soumya will come in conscious state, she will avoid Harman and not ready to face him. But this things makes Harman restless and tensed by thinking that why Soumya is behaving like this.

After seeing all this, Harman decides to confront Nimmi to get an answer of these questions. Harman will ask Nimmi that why Soumya is maintaining distance from me, why she is not ready ti talk with me. Nimmi will tell everything to Harman that Soumya is not a normal girl, she is a transgender. Harman gets shocked.

Harman will be getting shattered badly and thinks that why Soumya hide all this from him. Apart from this, he recalls all the moments which he spent with Soumya before his marriage.

Nimmi will say to Harman that you made a lot of promises that you will never leave Soumya in any condition, situation, or any other circumstances. So, please don’t leave her in the middle. Harman will be falling down in a deep pain. Let see whether Harman supports Soumya or not? Stay tuned with us to know more. Check here all Shakti written updates.

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