Story of Bade Acche Lagte Hain Hindi TV Serial

Bade Acche Lagte Hain Hindi TV Serial

Most prominent TV series of the Sony Entertainment channel of an Indian Television is Bade Acche Lagte Hain show. The most leading faces of the Television Industry Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar are playing the lead characters in this daily soap show. In this show, the character Ram Kapoor (Ram Kapoor) is 40 years old man who is a well-reputed, rich and powerful businessman. By nature, Ram Kapoor is short tempered, moody, and fully intelligent guy. Apart from this, the most beautiful actress who is playing a role of Priya Sharma who is 30 years old girl and her real name is Sakshi Tanwar. But Priya Sharma belongs to an ordinary middle-class family. By nature, she is sensible, philosophical and more mature than Ram Kapoor (the business tycoon).

Now the story begins with the show when Ram’s younger step-sister whose name is Natasha (her real name is Sumona Chakravarti) and then Priya’s younger brother Kartik (his real name is Mohit Malhotra), they fall in love with each other madly. So that Natasha tells to her brother Ram Kapoor about her interest because she wants to get marry with Karthik. But Kartik does not think he should marry Natasha before his elder sister (Priya). On the other side, Natasha forces his brother to do her marriage with Karthik as soon as possible. Therefore, to solve this problem, Ram Kapoor agrees to marry Priya Sharma just to make Kartik and Natasha marry happen soon. Initially, Ram and Priya dislike each other because they likes and dislikes are the complete opposite to each other. But they make some compromise for their marriage, especially for their family.

The story of Bade Acche Lagte Hain Hindi TV Serial:

After some time, Ram’s stepmother Niharika, her brother Shiney and Ram’s stepbrother Siddhant plot against Priya Sharma just to keep Ram and Priya apart forever. They never want to see Ram Kapoor’s own family. Their main motive is to get all property under their control. As time passes, Ram and Priya spend more time with each other and they fall in love with each other. However, their relationship remains difficult every time but Priya and Ram make it easy and full of comfort. Finally, Priya shows the true face of Niharika to Ram Kapoor because he trusts her blindly. Finally, he comes to know Niharika’s reality. Now the leap of five years

Now the leap of five years happens in which Ram and Priya have separated. After to get separate, Priya is in Dubai and happy with her daughter, Pihu. But Ram is unaware about them. He thinks Priya is no more. So that, Ram is married to Priya’ sister Ayesha just for the sake of her son Kush. This is a baby of Ayesha and Ram’s stepbrother Siddhant. Actually, Siddhant left Ayesha after her pregnancy. So that Ram handles this. After some time, Ram brings his real mother Krishna back to his home and started living with her. After some time, Ram comes to know about Priya and Pihu. He brings them back to the home and starts to live with them. After this, Ram and Priya get busy in upbringing of their children and the story go on. Ram and Priya’s true love wins everybody’s heart in the last.

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