Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which Krishna and Bhawna are giving a first-aid to Suhani in her room where Saiyyam is coming there and starts to comment Krishna very badly. Saiyyam says to Krishna that you are my wife and here you are helping the women whom I hate a lot. Krishna says that she is that lady who nurtured me after my mother and your father is responsible for my mother’s death. Saiyyam scolds her and says that you don’t worry, I will hear your extra word later on, still, you shut up. Bhawna says that see what your father did with Suhani. Saiyyam says that I am not talking to you, I am talking to my mother.

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Bhawna says really you remember that Suhani is your mother. After some time, Sambhav is coming there and shows his burning hand to Saiyyam by saying that your mother did this. Bhawan says he is lying and Suhani didn’t do this. Saiyyam says that I am talking to you, so you don’t worry, I have to talk to you right now.  After some time, Sambhav says to her that, there are a lot of tasks for you. But the next task is to prepare all the food which I listed in the page. Sambhav is coming there and says to Suhani that how will you prove me bad and wrong in front of my son. Suhani says god will tell him everything about you that how bad you are? There are 20 items and I will get these items tomorrow morning. Suhani gets shocked. Let see what will happen next in the show. Just read out the below-given link to know more about Suhani Si Ek Ladki aka SSLK. Click here-> Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2nd January 2017 written update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd January 2017 Written Update:

In the next day morning, Suhani and Bhawna are making those 20 items which were said by Sambhav. Suddenly, Sambhav is coming there and says to Suhani that, you are having only 20 minutes for preparing this food. Suhani says ok I will make this, but you won’t forget your promise. After this, all ladies are coming there to help Suhani in making the food. Here Sharad and Yuvaan are coming to meet Saiyyam. They are trying hard to make him understand about the reality of Sambhav that he is a bad man and he is only doing this for his own happiness. If he loves you then he was going to meet you first instead to take revenge from Suhani. But Saiyyam is not ready to understand the situation. He bursts out very badly against Suhani. Yuvaan says to Sambhav that he is just trying to make us fool, I already told that Saiyyam never listen us.

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3 Jan 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Suhani and all other ladies are serving food to Saiyyam and says him to eat. But Saiyyam takes a food in the spoon and puts more salt red chili over it. All people are looking towards him. After this, Saiyyam says to Suhani to eat this food as soon as possible. Suhani throws that spoon and says that what are you doing this? Sambhav says that if you want to save Yuvraj’s life then you have to think about this at your own. Suhani eats that food and cries a lot. Sambhav says that not only you, even dadi will also eat this food. Dadi also eats that food and then she is about to do vomit. Suhani and all other people are getting shocked to see bad health of dadi. They are trying to help dadi. Suhani asks for the water but Sambhav breaks that glass by throwing it on the floor. Suddenly, Saiyyam is coming there and sees everything. Sambhav starts to do drama. Saiyyam scolds everyone by saying that what are you doing this? He blames all people for the bad behavior which they are doing with his father. Saiyyam is coming outside and sees something. He screams very badly. Don’t know what he saw there. Here Suhani is sitting in her room and thinks about Yuvraj.

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