Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, SSEL Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Suhani Si Ek Ladki Episode continues with the scene in which Suhani, Yuvani, and Yuvraj aka Kumar Sir met with an accident. Sayyam and Krishna are going to save them. But Krishan doesn’t know about this. Only Sayyam knows it because he was going breaks fail of Yuvraj’s car. So that he drives fast to save Suhani and Yuvani. But when he reaches near to them, he puts his car in front of Yuvraj car just to save them.

Here Ragini gets a phone call from the Hospital. She comes to know that all people are in the hospital. She gets shocked. Bhawna asks what happened? Bhawna informs her about an accident. They are going to the hospital where Yuvani and Yuvraj are safe. But Suhani is not there. Yuvraj asks Yuvani about her mother. But she doesn’t know about her. He gets shocked and starts to find out her here and there. Let see what will happen in the next episodes of Suhani Si Ek Ladki. Keep Visiting this website to get all latest, Upcoming, and written updates of Suhani Si Ek Ladki (SSEL).

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After some time, all people are gathering in the hospital where all people are alright except Sayyam. He is in ICU and all people are getting worried for him. Suhani is waiting for him just outside the ICU because she is so much worried for him. Pratima, Bhawna, Yuvraj, Sharad, and Yuvani are also present there. Yuvani is having a phone which may rings up again and again. But that phone is Sayam’s phone. Bhawna asks Yuvani who is making a call again and again.

Yuvani says I don’t know maasi. Bhawna says show me. She check out the phone call, she gets 19 missed calls from Soundarya. She asks who is this Saundarya? Yuvani says I don’t know who is she? Bhawna says you just switched off this phone. Yuvani says ok. Sharad asks Yuvraj that how Sayam knew about the break fail? Yuvraj says I don’t know or may be he did this. Suhani says no he never think to do this. Pratima says nobody is killer by birth, only circumstances made him/her a killer.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3rd November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Yuvan saves Krishna in between the road and brings her at home. She is little bit injured. He gets tensed and says to her that I will not leave Sayam today. Krishan says please control yourself. It’s Ok. After coming to home, Yuvan is going into his room and starts to throw all things here and there. Krishna says to him pleas don’t do this, leave it. Yuvan says how dare he to injure you.

Suddenly, the Kaka is coming there and stops Yuvan from doing this. He also informs Yuvan about accident. Krishna and Yuvan are getting shocked. Here Suhani is giving a blood to Sayam because Doctor told them that Sayam need b positive blood. Suhani said that I have b positive blood and that’s why I gave him. Suhani think about the moment when she gave a birth to Sayam. She remembers everything like what Pratima told her. She told her to gave a birth to small baby but she didn’t do that.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 3 November 2016 Written:

After some time, she is coming out from the room and goes to home to check out something. She is just trying to find out the papers of childhood medical report in which she gave a birth to her third one baby. Due to which she is passing though the trauma. Here Yuvan is wearing a dress of ward boy and comes into the hospital. He is giving a medical report to Yuvraj and then comes into the ward of Sayam. He starts to press his mouth with pillow. Here Suhani and Krishna are coming in the hospital. She starts to cry a lot. Sharad asks what happened bhabhi? Why are you crying? Suhani tells to everyone that Sayam is my son. All people are getting shocked and then comes into the room where Sayam is admitted. They gets shocked to see Yuvan is trying to kill him. All people make him release and saves his life. Suhani says to him to leave him. Yuvan asks why? Sayam says I am an illegal son. Suhani gets shocked.

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