Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode, SSEL Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Suhani Si Ek Ladki continues with the scene in which Yuvraj is thinking about the all situation which are going on in the house. He thinks that all children are coming to know about Sayyam but when they will come to know about the death of Sambhav. If all children are coming to know that Yuvraj killed Sambhav then they will be getting shocked after to hear this.

After to think all of this, Yuvraj takes a decision of leaving Birla house, But when he will share this with Suhani, she will be getting shocked and she thinks that if he will go then she will also come along with him. Here Sayyam says to one man that you have to find out everything about this music teacher (Yuvraj).

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Bhawna and Suhani are getting disturbed after to hear this decision. Bhawna says to Yuvraj that, if you will go from here then we doesn’t get any solution for this problem. Suhani says to him that I don’t give any permission to you from going here. Pratima says to Yuvraj that we have to tell the truth to all children. Yuvraj says no if we will say something to them, they will get more disturb.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode:

Here Suhani is coming to talk to Yuvan but Yuvan is so much tensed. Suhani says to him that why did you fight with him, if you got a big injury then what will we do? Yuvan says that how dare he to say all this. Suhani says whatever, you just ignore this and gets relax. But Yuvan is not ready to hear anything.

Krishna is coming there and says to Suhani that I will handle Yuvan, you just don’t worry. Suhani says to Yuvan to take care of yourself. She is going from there. Krishna says to Yuvan that why are you behaving like this? Suhani aunty doesn’t do anything wrong in her life. So why are you reacting like this?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written:

Yuvan says that if all this happened to your mother then what can you do? Krishna starts to cry a lot and says that I can do anything to bring my mother back to home. Yuvan starts to give an emotional support to her. After some time, Yuvani is coming there and says to Yuvan that I want to talk something urgent to you and Krishna you may go outside. Yuvan says don’t be rude with Krishna. Yuvani starts to blame Suhani by taking music teachers name. Yuvan scolds her very badly.

After some time, Suhani is sitting very tensed in a hall room. There is completely dark and all lights are off. Bhawna is coming there and asks Suhani why are you doing this? Where is matchstick? Suhani says that we don’t need it. Bhawna says what are you saying Suhani. Today is Diwali and you told me, where is match stick. Suhani says yes I forgot. Suddnely, Sayam is coming there and says to Suhani that I will fill darkness into your life. Suhani feels so bad. Yuvraj is coming there and lighten up the diya. Pratima, Bhawna, and Yuvan are also coming there to give an emotional support to her.

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