Udaan 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The serial start with the scene in which Suraj is coming and catches Vivaan’s neck. He says that how dare you to touch my Chakor. Suddenly, Chakor and Imli are also coming there. Suraj is getting angry and says that I just want to kill Vivaan now. Chakor says that why are you doing this? Just leave him right now. Both are fighting with each other very badly. But later Chakor and Imli separates them from each other.

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Udaan 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

After some time, Vivaan is going to meet Ragini. They are present outside Kamal Narayan’s room. He asks Ragini that how it happened with Kamal Narayan like how is he getting mad like this. Ragini says that he is not getting mad naturally. Even my injections and medicines make him mad. Vivaan asks really? Ragini says yes because this is important to do with him otherwise, I won’t take over this village under my control.

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Vivaan says you are such an intelligent girl. Ragini says that it’s important to kill Kamal Narayan as soon as possible and then we will easily rule here. Vivaan says that I also want to give one injection to Kamal Narayan because he was giving a lot of pain to me. Ragini is getting so happy and says that today I am feeling good to hear this and now I am feeling like you are completely with me.

Udaan 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Vivaan says why not? I am complete with you. Ragini gives an injection to him. Vivaan is giving that injection to Kamal Narayan and gets so happy. Ragini says that all villagers will be getting together on the occasion of Chaitra Navratri and we will make an announcement for the mentally disturb problem of Kamal Narayan. Vivan says yes. Here Imli says to Chakor that Vivaan is getting mad and now he is doing everything wrong. Chakor says it’s natural because his mother Anjana killed his father and now his mother is sleeping with the Kamal Narayan.

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