Udaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts when Kamal Narayan wish a very happy Holi to Vivaan. Vivaan also wishes to Kamal Narayan. The mom of Vivaan says to him that Kamal Narayan helps us so much after your dad’s death. She says to him that go and take a the Aashirwad from Kamal Narayan. Then Chakor comes there and says to Vivaan that doesn’t give the respect to Kamal Narayan. Manohar Ji was your dad and no one can take place of him. Vivaan’s mom says to Chakor that you are crossing your limit. Vivaan goes away from there. Kamal Narayan stops to her. Then Kamal Narayan calls to the goons that today they will kill to Suraj at any cost. Kamal Narayan says to Chakor that today no one can save to Suraj from us. Then Kamal Narayan and Vivaan’s mom go away from there. Chakor runs behind them and says please don’t do this. But Kamal Narayan doesn’t listen to her.

Chakor thinks that she has to call to Suraj. But Suraj’s cell phone is switched off. Chakor thinks that he was busy in Holi festival. On the other hand, Vivaan is playing Holi with Imli. Imli is running here and there because Vivaan wants to apply Holi colors on the face of Imli. At last Vivaan catch to Imli. There is a Bollywood music running behind the scene. Suraj is looking excited because he wants to play Holi with Chakor. Suraj is doing some arrangements and decorations for Chakor. He is waiting for her. A small girl comes there and asks Suraj that what he is doing?

Udaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Suraj says I am doing this all for Chakor. Suraj checked his cell phone and he sees that there is missed the call of Chakor. A lady calls to Suraj and tells that Chakor is coming with Kamal Narayan in his car. Suraj gets happy to hear this. Suraj says to the girl that go and check that Chakor is coming or not. Then Kamal Narayan reached there. Everyone is watching towards Kamal Narayan.

Kamal Narayan finally reached there because he wants to kill to Suraj at any cost. Chakor is not with Kamal Narayan. Chakor is coming there alone. Suraj gets irritated to see that Chakor is not with Kamal Narayan. He thinks that she don’t want to play Holi with him. Suraj gets angry and he says now there is no need of this decoration. Suraj destroy it and then suddenly Chakor comes there and all flowers fall down on her.

Udaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Kamal Narayan is doing the dance on the Holi festival. He is dancing with full of excitement. Vivaan and Imli get angry and then they go away from there. Suraj is looking angry because Chakor is not there. Suraj says the little girl that go because now there is no need to wait for her. Then he pulls the rope and all the flower spread on Chakor. Chakor gets so much happy. Chakor think that who do this all? Chakor thinks that it is Suraj.

Kamal Narayan hugs to Chakor and says something in her ear.

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