Udaan 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan  22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts when the Chakor starts to love Suraj and that’s why she is coming near to Suraj in every situation. Even Suraj says to her that I am a goon and even I am able to you. We are not looking good together. After all of this, Chakor is taking step towards him by saying that you are not a goon. Even you always fight against wrong. So that’s why you have no need to compared yourself with me. Both are looking into each other’s eyes. Suraj says to Chakor that you teach me that how to love someone. Suraj says to her that please don’t leave me alone at any cost. Now Suraj and Chakor get so much close to each other.

The a man comes there and tells to them that Kamal Sahab calls you. Kamal Narayan calls to Vivaan and Suraj. Vivaan says to Kamal Narayan that I am your financial adviser so I need more money. Kamal Narayan says okay now I am on first position, Ragini is on second and you are on third. Kamal Narayan says to all Villagers that now I wants to introduce to your new owner. Kamal Narayan tells to them that from now Vivaan will handle all the financial system. The villagers says oh it is nice because Vivaan Sahab is so kind. Kamal Narayan says to Ragini to sit. But Ragini says no baba firstly Vivaan Bhai will sit here.

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Udaan 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Kamal Narayan says to Ragini that do the Pooja of Vivaan. But Ragini says no I have a special surprise for Vivaan. Then the lady comes and says I will do welcome of Vivaan. Kamal Naryan get so much happy to see her. The lady comes to house is Ranjana. Kamal Naryana do welcome of Ranjana. Ragini gives the money to Vivaan and says take this money. Ragini says to Vivaan that take this money and give it to Pooja. And rest of the money for you and Imli. Vivaan take the money. Ranjana says today if anyone have the money then it have each and everything. But Imli says no because this money can break the relation also. Imli is looking so much upset. Imli is throwing all the things here and there. Chakor stop her and then she is trying to make her understand.

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Udaan  22nd February 2017 Written Episode:

Imli says to Chakor that I leave each and everything. I leave Kamal Naryana. But now Vivaan join him. A girl comes to the house of Chagan. She says to Chagan that now his house is good. Chagan mix the red Mirchi in the Khichadi and serve it to that girl. She says to Chagan that the Khichadi is so spicy. Chagan gives the water to her. She says to him that Chagan I know that you mix the red mirchi in the Khichadi. She ask Chagan that you don’t get scared from me like all other villagers. Then she go away from there.

Here Chakor and Imli are talking with each other. Imli ask Chakor to do Shivratri Varat. Chakor says no this is not for me. Chakor says to Imli that now we will play a game with Ragini and Kamal Narayan. Now we will play the game divide and rule with Ragini and Kamal. Now Chakor and Imli are thinking that how we will get successful in this plan.

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