Udaan 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan  24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The serial starts when Kamal Narayan make a plan for Suraj. He collects to all villagers. He says that today a big thing will happen here. Thy all start doing Pooja of God Shiv. Kamal Narayan announce that today is a competition in between Suraj and the other people. Chakor says no you can’t do this because his health is not well. Kamal Narayan says I am saying to play the Kabaddi game. So it is a simple game. And if he can’t play this game then what is the use of this man. Suraj’s mom is trying to make him understand that don’t think about this all. Because Chakor take a Varat for you. So don’t worry today you will win the game.

Suraj says to Chakor that don’t take tension. Because today I will play this game only for you. Because if you can take the Varat for me. Then I can play this game to show the power of us. Because I know that you are always with me. And body can defeat me. Chakor to Tialk on the forehead of Suraj. Chakor says to Suraj that we are with you. So go and defeat to them. Because today you will win the game. Suraj and all other competitor enter into the circle. Suraj will play the game with Six person. The six person are one side and Suraj is alone. Kamal Narayan announce to start the game with the name of God Shiva.

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Udaan 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

The game start and all other villagers are watching this all. One side is Suraj and other side are that six people. Chakor pray to god that please save to Suraj. Chakor says “Har Har Mahadev”. Suraj start the game and he is saying the work Kabadi-Kabadi. Suraj enter into the area of the that six people. Everyone are praying for Suraj. The six people catch to Suraj tightly. And then they throw to him outside the circle. Kamal Narayan get so much happy and says Har Har Mahadev. Vivaan is also looking happy. He is thinking that the game is over in the starting. After the little break the scene start when Chakor says to Kamal Narayan that you are doing cheating with Suraj. Because Suraj is alone and how he can play the game with these six person.

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Udaan  24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Kamal Narayan ask Chakor that what you wants to say? Chakor says give me the chance to play the game. Kamal Narayan says are you mad? You are a lady and you will fight with these six people. Ragini says to Kamal Narayan that we have to give a chance to Chakor. Because the game will get more interesting when she will play the game with these six people. Chakor enter into the circle. Now Chakor is playing the game Kabadi. On the other hand Suraj’s mom trying to make him alive. Because he get faint there. She is saying to Suraj that please open your eyes and look Chakor is playing the game for you.

Suraj open up his eyes. Suraj’s mom says to him that please wake up and see Chakor win the game. Kamal Narayan’s people get angry to see that Naina win the game. They push to Naina here and there and then someone slap to Naina. Kamal Narayan get tensed to see this because he is thinking that if Suraj will come again in real Suraj. Then no one can handle to him. On the other hand Vivaan give the Jewelry to Imli. But Imli refuse to accept that gold. She says I don’t want this all. Vivaan go away from there. Suraj handle to Chakor. He says to them that you are thinking you are brave. Suraj come again in his form. Suraj says now play the game with me and Suraj throw to them here and there. Suraj is just near to the line. Other Villagers are encouraging to him. Finally, Suraj win the game.

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