Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2016 Written Episode 971 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2016 Written Episode 971, Written Update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Raman says to Neelu that I want a juice. After some time, Romi and Aditya are coming back to home whereas they start to talk to each other about the competition. Raman says that Romi and Mihika are getting ready to participate in this competition. Simmi says why don’t you participate in this competition? Raman says with whom? Simmi says Ishita is here then what is the problem? She is just like a beauty with brain.

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Raman laughs and says that she is just Ishita and nothing else. Beauty and brain is a thing which is staying away from her. Ishita looks on and fumes. Raman is just trying to make her jealous by saying all these words. Simmi says bhai, wont’ you think about your life before to say all these things. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight.

Simmi asks Raman that you want to do participate in the competition then you have to talk to each other. Don’t make me your mediator. Raman asks Ishita, shall we go for the shopping? Ishita says yes sure, women love shopping. Raman fumes. Here Vishwa is coming back to the home where Madhu is waiting for him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2016 Written Episode 971:

She asks Vishwa about his farewell party. He says that Murli’s farewell party was awesome and I enjoyed Italian food not only south Indian food. Madhu sees a dream in which she is beating Vishwa a lot. But in real, she is sitting silent. Vishwa says that I have to sleep now because I will go to the laughter club in the morning too.

Here Raman, Romi, and Aditya are coming in a hall room where Raman and Romi are doing push-ups. Romi says to Raman that bhai we have to start now and then Raman starts to do push-ups. After some time, when Ishita feels that Raman is getting pain in his shoulders. She makes an excuse and says to him that you have to make an urgent call. Remember!

Raman says yes. They both are going in the room. Ishita applies a balm on his shoulders and back. She says why were you dong a lot, this age is not right for doing all these activities. Here Vishwa is getting ready for the morning walk and gets up so smartly. Madhu thinks Vishwa is having an affair with another lady in a laughter club.

Romi comes there and asks Raman what happened? Ishita says he have to make an urgent call, so that’s why he was coming here. Romi says I smell some balm type smell. Ishita says yes, actually Raman applied balm on my back. Romi says ok. He says to Raman that I am going to an office by doing a walk, can you come with me? Raman says ok to her.

Ishita says that he will go to an urgent meeting, so he will not going with you. After some time, Romi and Ishita smiles secretly. Here Shagun is going to discuss all matter with Ashok and Kunal Shetty. Kunal says that you have to talk to the counselor and says to her that I will come with Pihu next time. Due to which, we will easily handle the situation. Shagun makes a call to the counselor and says all this. Counselor says that I am going outside for next 15 days, so we will meet after 15 days. Shagun says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2016 Written:

Here Raman brings a lot of attire for the competition. Ishita comes there. Raman says to her that you have to select an attire for the competition. Ishita starts to select a dress for her. Suddenly, Romi and Mihika are coming back to the home after to do a lot of shopping. Aditya and Ruhi are coming there and appreciates Rom’s shopping just to make Raman jealous. They laughs a lot.

Here Madhu is asking Vishwa about to participate in the competition. He denies. But Madhu forces him to do this. She wear a red saree and switch of the light just to make a romantic environment. She dances on the song ‘Raat Akeli Hai, Bhuj Gaye Diye.’ Vishwa gets shocked and sits down ont he sofa. Madhu takes his signatures on the competition form.

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