Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2016 Written Episode 940 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 940 Written Update on

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Aditya and Romi aka Aly Goni are coming back to the home where Ishita and Mihika are talking to each other about them. Even though they are so much tensed for Aditya and Romi. But when they reached there, Ishita asks them what happened? What did you do? How you got a thought to do all this? Aditya says to her that I don’t want to lose Aliya even when she is dying to marry me. As you all people knows very well that how much I love Alia. So that I doesn’t live without her. So that’s why we went there to threaten that boy. Must check Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2016 written update

Suddenly, Ishita gets Mani’s call. She puts that phone call on speaker. Mihika, Romi, and Aditya are also present there. Mani says that your son Aditya is a goon, so that he was trying to break my daughter’s alliance which I will never let happen. Ishita is trying to handle the situation but Mani is going to be out of control and says to her that your son will not stop me from doing Alia’s marriage to someone.

Alia is my daughter and I am the one who takes a right decision for her. Ishita feels so bad to hear Mani’s words because she was a lady who nurtured Alia from her childhood in Australia and now Mani is saying all this. Here Shagun is going to meet Ashok. She tells everything to him about Aditya, Alia, and Mani’s drama. Ashok gets so happy. Indirectly, he throws a comment on Shagun that she married to someone else and she is coming on the date with someone else. He calls her a cheap lady. Shagun gets angry. She scolds him very badly.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2016 Written Update Episode 940:

After all of this, Ishita says to all that I have a solution for this problem. Mihika asks what? Ishita says there is one person who is the solution of this problem. Aditya and Romi are getting happy. They are asking her what? Ishita says that Alia’s grandmother is that woman who always supports Alia and her brother in every circumstance. Even though, Alia’s dadi supported Alia’s brother when he wanted to go out of the country to learn film making study.

Aditya and Romi are getting so delighted. Ishita says, to resolve this issue we have to talk to Alia’s dadi as soon as possible. She is the only one who will stop Mani from doing all this. But I don’t have any number of her. So we have to find out her contact number and her name is Shobhna Venkatesh. Ishita takes so much time in finding out her number.

But she is unable to find out her number. Aditya gets hyper and says that I am going to meet Alia now, I am getting tensed a but her, don’t know what Mani uncle is doing with her. Ishita stops him by saying that, this is not a right decision, I am going to Amma’s room to tell them to find out Shobhna’s number. She is going to Iyer’s home where Madhu and Vishwa are watching Chandra Nandini serial promo.

Ishita says to Madhu to find out Shobhna’s number. Vishwa and Madhu are assured to Ishita that, they will find out her number as soon as possible because they are having so many connections in tamilian area in Chennai state. Ishita gets relax. Here Shagun is going in Alia’s room where she finds Alia by writing on the wall. Shagun asks what are you doing? Alia replied what? I am doing what I want? Shagun says it’s not right.

Alia says that I love Aditya and you are asking all this to me. Shagun says that you are doing wrong and that’s why I am helpless in doing anything in the matter. Alia says if you are helpless then go from here, I don’t need you. Mani comes there and asks Shagun what are you doing here? Shagun says Mani I am not at Alia’s side, I am here just to put my eye on her. She added that I am with you Mani, you just go ahead.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Ishita is asking so many times to her Amma about Shobhna’s number. Amma didn’t get any info about her. Ishita and Aditya are getting upset. But after some time, when she asked again, then Amma gives her a number. She makes a call on that number, but nobody picks up the call. Aditya says that we have to go to Chennai to bring that lady here just to stop Alia’s marriage.

Ishita says how we can go there? Mihika says why not? We have to go there and brings her dadi here. Ishita says ok. Here Romi and Raman are going to an office. Where Romi gets Ishita’s call. He asks abut their flight. Ishita replied fligh is delay. So we have to take another flight. Romi is about to say something, Raman comes there and takes his phone. He hears Ishita’s words. Raman scold Romi by saying that you are doing the same this. Why? Romi gets silent.

Here Shagun is giving a new android phone to Ananya in front of Pihu. But Ananya is not ready to accept that phone. Shagun says her that your mumma gave this phone to me just to forward it to. Ananya asks really? Shagun says yes dear but this is a big secret, so you have to hide this from everyone. After coming back to home. Ananya says thankyou to Simmi.

Ishita and Aditya are sitting at the airport where she gets Ruhi’s call. She informs Ishita that Pihu sends me a full dressed up photograph, maybe Mani uncle is doing Alia’s engagement. Ishita says that you don’t worry, we are going to Mani’s home to stop this function. Raman hears everything and he is going inside her room.

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